In a month where we celebrated our favourite films of 2018 in our annual awards, hosted our first-ever live meet-up and featured a rather odd selection of films around Valentine’s Day (check out F*CK & V to see what I’m talking about), we also managed to squeeze featuring 21 shorts into an already hectic month.

Featuring two new shorts from Pixar (Purl & Kitbull), an Oscar nominee and a stellar performance from Alia Shawkat, there was much too love in our February coverage. Our three fav. shorts from the 28-day period include; a depiction of modern adolescence told entirely on a phone screen, the story of nine strangers going feral on the subway and a touching tale of a woman searching for a new bra that turned one of our writers into a blubbering mess.

Drama Emily Avila


Inside a lingerie fitting room, two strangers are bound on a mission to find the right bra.

Dark Comedy Tue Sanggaard


NSFW short film following the wild transformation of nine people stuck on a train.

Drama Zach Wechter & Mishka Kornai


Spend a year through the ups and downs of the life of an American teenager, told entirely from the perspective of his iPhone.

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