A rock band struggles with a radioactive energy in their music, a woman struggles to push a piano down a street and a Jamaican migrant worker struggles to deal with Cancer in a short named after the lyrics of a famous John Denver song. Our three favourite short films from our July picks are loosely linked by their musical undertones, but with a humorous animation, a live-action fantasy and an emotive documentary in our selection, this trio should make for a diverse viewing experience looking to make you laugh, cry and join a band.

Fantasy Kaspar Jancis


A community of characters attempt to overcome obstacles in their life in Kaspar Jancis' impressive follow-up to 'Villa Antropoff'

Documentary Andrew Moir

Babe, I Hate To Go

Delroy spends six months of every year working on a farm in Ontario to support his family in Jamaica. But this year, Delroy keeps a secret from his wife and children: he has cancer.

Adventure Dylan Allen

The Privates

On the eve of their first show, a rock band struggles with a radioactive energy in their music that blows up amps, liquefies tape decks, and starts electrical fires.

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