Short of the Week


Thriller about Revenge in Live-Action
Brian Crano / 18 min / USA / 2014

When a butcher loses his dog, his life starts to unravel

Sci-Fi about Revenge in Live-Action
Michael Spiccia / 13 min / Australia / 2014

A girl with a secret past comes out of hiding and is forced to take on the town bullies with the thing she fears most – herself.

Drama about Revenge in Live-Action
Will Maloney / 17 min / USA / 2014

To avenge his family, one man must destroy another.

Dark Comedy about Revenge in Animation
Jacob Streilein / 4 min / USA / 2014

A teacher’s life quickly spirals out of control after young Sid claims to have seen a man in the woods.

Thriller about Revenge in Live-Action
David Higgs / 13 min / UK / 2014

A nameless man arrives home one evening. He has ten minutes left to live. His wife has even less.

Comedy about Revenge in Live-Action
Johnny Ray Gill / 6 min / USA / 2014

The morning after the annual Purge, Elmer confronts his co-worker Dan about the atrocities committed the night before. Awkward.

Thriller about Revenge in Live-Action

A husband gets a fleeting glimpse of redemption after a bloody encounter with his unfaithful wife and her lover.

Action about Revenge in Live-Action
The Halsall Brothers / 12 min / UK / 2013

After a brutal near death experience Sam IL is forced to contemplate his past whilst accepting the non-existence of his future.

Thriller about Revenge in Live-Action
David Karlak / 19 min / USA / 2013

An underhanded company man is offered assistance by a secret organization that immerses him in forces beyond his control.

Thriller about Revenge in Live-Action
Daniel Levi / 12 min / South Africa / 2013

Bound, gagged and being buried alive, Ollie somehow feels he still has the upper-hand in this predicament.

Thriller about Revenge in Live-Action
David Victori / 13 min / Spain / 2012

After the murder of Leo’s wife a single idea circles endlessly within his head: revenge. Winner of the YouTube “Your Film Festival” and a ridiculous $500,000 prize at Venice.

Action about Revenge in Live-Action
Thomas Jane, Adi Shankar / 10 min / USA / 2012

Actor Thomas Jane takes the Punisher property into his own hands with a new popular Fan-Film

Horror about Revenge in Live-Action
Ryan Connolly / 32 min / USA / 2012

Can the dead truly take revenge? Taylor seeks to hide his sins in hopes that they will go unnoticed and become no more than a dirty little secret…

Dark Comedy about Revenge in Live-Action
Tom Daley / 7 min / UK / 2011

A man pulls up to a palatial estate and proceeds to tell us a story—a tale of love and betrayal. But the connection is uncertain and the twists aren’t so familiar.

Fantasy about Revenge in 3D Animation
Sune Reinhardt / 4 min / Denmark / 2011

A late night driver’s collision with a deer in the headlights takes a strange turn in this painterly 3D animation.

Exploitation about Revenge in Special FX
Clément Deneux / 4 min / France / 2011

He’s back. And someone is going to have to kill him…again.

Comedy about Revenge in Live-Action
Doug Karr / 8 min / USA / 2011

A doting husband goes ballistic when, upon his first wedding anniversary, he suspects infidelity on his wife’s part.

Satire about Revenge in Live-Action
Kris Moyes / 10 min / Australia / 2011

An over-the-top bloody romp of fashion by Australian Kris Moyes for the label Romance was Born.

Dark Comedy about Revenge in Live-Action
Lars von Trier / 3 min / Denmark / 2011

What would happen if you interrupted Lars von Trier during a movie? It’s not pretty.

Action about Revenge in Special FX
Sol Friedman / 11 min / Canada / 2011

A young warrior seeks vengeance in this comic book style short.

Music Video about Revenge in Live-Action
Tomas Mankovsky / 3 min / USA / 2010

A wild duel between two backroaders in this music video for Dancing Pigeons.

Musical about Revenge in Flash Animation
James Lee / 6 min / Australia / 2010

An action-packed musical, flash animation about robots seeking revenge—prepare to be entertained.

Exploitation about Revenge in Live-Action
Jason Eisner / 16 min / USA / 2009

Maniacal Lumberjacks!!! Shady Tree Dealers!! Corny Dads and Sex-crazed Teens!! It’s Christmas and there are some trees that can’t take anymore…warning—hilariously graphic violence ahead.

Thriller about Revenge in Live-Action
Alex Merkin / 16 min / USA / 2009

This taut two-part thriller stars Entourage’s Adrian Grenier who on the phone must attempt to defuse a tense situation—his friend is camped out with a gun in the hotel room across from of his cheating lover.

Action about Revenge in Stop-Motion
Robin King / 3 min / UK / 2009

A photographer gets revenge on her celebrity boyfriend in this stop-motion that blurs the bounds of reality.