Short of the Week


Sci-Fi about Redemption in Live-Action
James Cooper / 10 min / Canada / 2014

A time traveler meets with a journalist in a hotel room under the guise of sharing their story for an article, but what the journalist doesn’t know is that the time traveler has an ulterior motive for inviting him that will change his life forever.

Western about Redemption in Live-Action
Justin Lerner / 25 min / USA / 2013

After spending a year in a juvenile center for beating up his stepfather, Todd Turnbull returns to his backwoods hometown repentant. When he finds his best friend, withering away without any medical attention due to the family’s spiritual beliefs, Todd must make a choice: let his friend die; or break his oath of non-violence.

Thriller about Redemption in Live-Action
James W. Griffiths / 7 min / UK / 2013

The contents of a mysterious box leads a convict to attempt an extraordinary prison escape.

Documentary about Redemption in Live-Action
Joshua Z Weinstein / 13 min / USA / 2013

In 2005, an unknown Irish boxer beat Mike Tyson, then he disappeared. Filmmaker Joshua Z Weinstein rediscovers boxer Kevin McBride, raising his children in a gritty Boston suburb. Kevin’s body is deteriorating, yet he compulsively continues to fight.

Sci-Fi about Redemption in Special FX
Ian Hubert / 12 min / Netherlands / 2012

In a dystopian Amsterdam of the future, a team of warriors and scientists employ the powers of love and technology in an attempt to save the world from the clutches of an embittered humanoid robot.

Myth about Redemption in Animation
Benjamin Renner / 4 min / France / 2012

The classic underdog takes on new meaning in this short animated in simple, graphic shapes.

Comedy about Redemption in Live-Action
Jason Reitman / 17 min / USA / 2011

Jason Reitman’s breakthrough short film follows Robert as he learns that it’s the little things in life that count the most.

Drama about Redemption in Live-Action
George Hickenlooper / 28 min / USA / 2011

The 1994 short film classic remade into the Oscar-winning feature Slingblade.

Comedy about Redemption in Live-Action
Greg Nicotero / 8 min / USA / 2010

In need of a monster for your motion picture? Look no further than the United Monster Talent Agency.

Western about Redemption in 3D Animation
John Hillcoat / 29 min / USA / 2010

A western machinima animation based on the popular video game.

Sci-Fi about Redemption in Special FX
Axel Ricke / 29 min / Germany / 2010

In a bleak future, a lost soul seeks desperate measures to escape his luck. The punishment if caught? Years spent locked up in his own personal nightmare.

Musical about Redemption in Live-Action
Brandon McCormick / 15 min / USA / 2009

A dispassionate master of the stage is brought to see the magic around us every day.

Drama about Redemption in Live-Action
Khary Jones / 16 min / USA / 2009

A musician and his manager are on their way to sign a recording deal, but the off-the-wall musician has other things on his mind.—A Sundance 10/10 film: currently offline

Adventure about Redemption in Live-Action
Ray Tintori / 6 min / USA / 2008

A man serially obsessed with faking his own death, sires a son who destroys most of the world, but this son, along with his wife, (the greatest swordsperson in the world), rise up against the totalitarian regime that’s emerges from the wreckage. It sounds like a mess, but its good!