Short of the Week


Dark Comedy about Reality in Live-Action
Luke McCoubrey, Peter McCoubrey / 17 min / USA / 2014

An office stiff wakes up in an alley mysteriously covered in blood. In the aftermath, he attracts the attention of his beautiful coworker, granting him a new lease on life …but something strange is afoot.

Horror about Reality in Live-Action
Daniel Zimbler / 12 min / UK / 2014

At a country manor in Edwardian England, a parlor trick becomes a bewitching, as one of the guests gets his dark desire.

Branded Film about Reality in Live-Action
Paul Trillo / 8 min / USA / 2014

A day in the life of Vincent and his many variations that exist throughout the universe.

Drama about Reality in Live-Action
Robert Hloz / 10 min / South Korea / 2014

Nick, a man with a supernatural ability, encounters Mia, a woman with the same ability. For better and for worse, Mia helps him to understand his power.

Documentary about Reality in Live-Action
I Am Los Angeles / 8 min / USA / 2014

TEMPORARILY OFFLINE – Alma Velasco, an El Salvadorian immigrant, recounts her transition to the United States.

Instructional about Reality in Special FX
Till Nowak / 6 min / Germany / 2013

The “Centrifuge Brain Project” gives an insight on scientific experiments with amusement park rides.

Thriller about Reality in Live-Action
Colin Levy / 15 min / USA / 2012

An obsessive mathematician attempts to discover a hidden integer in this well-crafted psychological thriller from Colin Levy

Experimental about Reality in Live-Action
Zellner Brothers / 5 min / USA / 2012

A story in two parts, the Zellner Bros. play with audience expectations masterfully in a short that exemplifies the art of the setup.

Sci-Fi about Reality in Live-Action
Vincent LaForet / 11 min / USA / 2011

Award-winning cinematographer and DSLR-expert Vincent LaForet continues his collaboration with Canon in this showcase film for the new c300 camera.

Experimental about Reality in Special FX
Tim Bollinger / 5 min / USA / 2009

A stylistic look at the bizarre moments between moments.

Experimental about Reality in Special FX
/ 1 min / USA / 2009

A visual magic trick that bends the mind.

Drama about Reality in 3D Animation
Jérémy Clapin / 13 min / France / 2009

A meteorite encounter causes a man to exist 91cm from himself in this beautifully haunting illustration of a self-destructive mind.

Experimental about Reality in Stop-Motion
Carrotkid / 9 min / Canada / 2009

A robot has to make his way through a challenging maze in this black and white stop-motion.

Dark Comedy about Reality in Special FX
Trevor Cawood / 8 min / Canada / 2008

A psychologically intrusive and darkly comedic world where the city’s isolated souls are followed around by large urban monsters.

Thriller about Reality in Live-Action
Trevor Sands / 8 min / USA / 2007

This doctor has her work cut out for her as she struggles to resolve the conflicting voices inside the chaotic mind of a patient with multiple-personalities.

about Reality in Performance
Nieto / 5 min / France / 2007

A fun experiment in live entertainment with a surprise that more than pays off the slow buildup.