Short of the Week


Thriller about Inspiration in Live-Action
Stephen Schuster / 10 min / USA / 2014

A young writer. A prostitute. An old desert motel. All stories need an ending and all endings need a beginning.

Fantasy about Inspiration in Live-Action

An aging circus performer seeks to mend the troubled relationship he has with his young son.

Drama about Perseverence in Live-Action
Daniel D'Alimonte / 24 min / USA / 2013

At the precipice of adulthood, a troubled thief joins a boxing club where he encounters values of structure, discipline and perseverance.

Documentary about Inspiration in Live-Action
Boris Seewald / 7 min / Germany / 2013

With exuberant dancing and magical passion, Patrick shares his inspiration and invites everyone to participate.

Poem about Inspiration in Motion Graphics
Matthew Freidell / 9 min / USA / 2013

OFFLINE DUE TO COPYRIGHT CLAIM. Creative marketing agency, The Glossary, uses David Foster Wallace’s 2005 Kenyon College commencement speech to create this inspirational, life affirming visual poem

Myth about Inspiration in 3D Animation
Darragh O’Connell / 10 min / Ireland / 2013

An old explorer close to freezing in the Arctic re-lives the events that brought him there in the first place.

Documentary about Inspiration in Live-Action
Zack Conkle / 12 min / USA / 2012

Zany and unpredictable, Jeffrey Wright is loved by his physics students at Louisville Male High School. But, beyond teaching them how the world works, it’s his personal life that inspires them to be better people.

Documentary about Inspiration in Live-Action
David Friedman / 3 min / USA / 2012

Retirement is for people who work, not for people who live. David Friedman’s short but inspirational portrait of inventor Ralph Baer.

Documentary about Inspiration in Live-Action
Nirvan Mullick / 11 min / USA / 2012

The internet has been taken over by a cute kid with a fantastic dream—one that came true!

Satire about Inspiration in Puppetry
Joseph Pelling, Becky Sloan / 3 min / USA / 2012

Sardonic sing-a-long about the importance of thinking creatively from the talented This Is It crew.

Fantasy about Inspiration in 3D Animation
Brandon Oldenburg, William Joyce / 14 min / USA / 2012

The Oscar-nominated film + app about a man’s magical love for books that put the beloved Moonbot Studios on the map. *UPDATE: The filmmakers have removed the free version, but you can purchase the film on iTunes for $1.99

Experimental about Inspiration in Animation
Michel Gagné / 6 min / USA / 2011

A feast for the senses blending improvised music with abstract animation in this 4-year long hand-drawn animation.

Documentary about Inspiration in Live-Action
Zackary Canepari, Drea Cooper / 10 min / USA / 2011

Growing old doesn’t mean growing sedentary. Meet the young-at-heart ladies of the Leisure World synchronized swim team.

Experimental about Inspiration in Stop-Motion
The Mixtape Club / 2 min / USA / 2011

A “highly condensed happiness espresso”. An amazing 2 min stop-motion marvel from The Mixtape Club.

Documentary about Inspiration in Live-Action
Paul Rojanathara, Davis Johnson / 14 min / USA / 2010

A look at the power of influential ideas and their ability to rapidly infect our culture and everyday lives.

Experimental about Inspiration in 3D Animation
Michal Levy / 5 min / Israel / 2010

A visual journey into music, jazz is interpreted across a rich and colorful animated landscape.

Experimental about Inspiration in 3D Animation
Eran Hilleli / 5 min / Israel / 2010

Animated minimalism is used to maximum effect in this gorgeous and bizarre short student work from Israel.

Documentary about Inspiration in Live-Action
Vance Malone / 8 min / USA / 2010

Ocular artist, Fred Harwin, crafts realistic-looking eyes for those who’ve lost theirs.

Experimental about Inspiration in 3D Animation
Alex Roman / 12 min / Spain / 2010

Alex Roman invites us into a surreal world of architecture and light with his stunning mastery of CG.

Fantasy about Inspiration in Special FX
Doug Purver / 3 min / USA / 2009

A young boy dreams or rather wakes and then rides his way into the clouds.

Music Video about Inspiration in Motion Graphics
Andy Martin / 2 min / USA / 2009

Energetic music video for the 1970s punk band Johnny 7 Combo animated entirely in newspaper and paint.

Documentary about Inspiration in Motion Graphics
Mark Gardener / 4 min / USA / 2009

Design legend, Paul Rand, describes his philosophy as we watch his iconic work come to life in motion graphics.

Poem about Inspiration in Stop-Motion
Julian Grey / 1 min / Canada / 2009

A poem by New York Poet Laureate Billy Collins, with inventive stop-motion and 3d animation. Part of a series.

Documentary about Inspiration in 3D Animation
Chris Landreth / 13 min / Canada / 2009

This Oscar-Winning film pairs psychedelic CG animation with documentary techniques to tell the story of legendary animator Ryan Larkin.

Drama about Inspiration in Claymation
Mark Osborne / 7 min / USA / 2008

Stop-Motion film of great beauty tells the story of a young inventor as he deals with the corrupting influences of Capitalism, and examines the source of joy and inspiration.