Short of the Week


Interview / December 8, 2014

Australian short The Landing is one of those film’s that’s going to leave you with questions. Whether based around the impressive craft on show in the production of the piece…

Article Interview / November 17, 2014

The following is a guest post from writer and director, Jordan Bayne. Ms. Bayne just released her film, The Sea is All I Know, online. Now, that in and of

Interview / October 7, 2014

Leaving you with more questions than answers, it would have felt wrong to let the recently featured short film ‘BAG MAN’ pass-by without talking a bit more about the filmmaking and storytelling involved. Having tried to leave the article on the film as vague as possible to avoid spoiling the impact of the movie, we took the chance to speak to directorial duo Jonathan & Josh Baker about their head-turner of a short.

Interview / May 28, 2014

Making a great short film requires a certain kind of alchemy; because there are no hard-set rules in regards to running time, subject matter, or even medium, filmmakers traverse a…

Interview / March 11, 2014

With science fiction story-lines and topics of sexuality proving to be big discussion starters here on Short of the Week, it would have seemed like an opportunity missed if we didn’t speak…

Interview / August 6, 2013

Director Eric Kissack’s excellent short, Blessing in Disguise, is the rare romantic comedy film that is truly romantic and funny. The same could be said for his new indie feature…

Interview / February 13, 2013

Winners of the SOTW Awards 2013 New Media category sit down to discuss the importance of story and the need for funding in this roundtable discussion about the future of the industry.

Interview / February 12, 2013

Short of the Week is about more than just highlighting the best in bite-sized narratives—it’s also about fostering a dialogue amongst the innovative creators telling earth-shattering stories in new and…

Interview / February 11, 2013

SOTW Awards 2013 Animation winners discuss the future of the animation industry—their experiences and their thoughts on how shorts are leading the charge for innovation.

Interview / August 3, 2012

Toronto native Jamie Travis has been making short films for more than a decade. When he finally made the leap to features (his debut For a Good Time, Call… premiered…

Interview / June 29, 2012

Many filmmakers look at short films as their teenage years—happy to get past them and on to something bigger. Jossie Malis is one of the few who understood the power…

Interview / February 8, 2012

Our Award-winners take a seat at our “virtual” roundtable and offer up their thoughts on what it means to be a filmmakers today. Plus, learn about what they’re planning next.

Interview / November 16, 2011

From illustrator to highly-praised 3D animator in just over a year, Jesús Orellana takes us behind the scenes of what went in to making his short film, Rosa.

Interview / October 27, 2011

We caught up with the Argentina-based horror duo Guille Gatti & Pedro Cristiani to talk about their recent success with Deus Irae and what it takes to make great horror…

Interview / September 17, 2011

StoryCorps animators, Mike and Tim Rauch, share their character design and animation process and how animation can reveal truth in ways live footage can’t.

Interview / August 2, 2011

Yesterday’s feature review was Hands Solo, a wicked funny mockumentary about a deaf porn star and the girl who got away. I caught up with the director, William Mager over…

Interview / June 7, 2011

Joseph Pierce tells us about his animation process and the importance of staying true to your own ideas.

Interview / May 31, 2011

Shahir Daud, director of Double Happy, shares why he made the film, what it’s like shooting with a RED camera, and how to shoot cinéma vérité.

Interview / February 7, 2011

Part 2 of Everything is a Remix dropped days ago and, based largely on its growing base of supporters, has since found an online audience of hundreds of thousands. We caught up with director, Kirby Ferguson, to find out how he managed to pull it all off.

Interview Sundance / February 4, 2011

Yesterday’s post, Sundance Short Films: Program 5, was the last batch of new 2011 Sundance films to come online, however we rage—rage I say! against the dying of Sundance-related content.…

Interview / January 21, 2011

Yesterday marked the debut online of 2011 Sundance Competition short films, and in that first batch of 4 films we were treated to the World Premiere of New York-based…

Interview / October 17, 2010

Tony Comley talks about his latest film, ‘Verse.
What interested you in creation myths and in crafting your own version?
The sheer scale of creation myths next to the pettiness…

Interview / July 18, 2010

Reign of Death, the subject of our recent feature review, is one of the most confidently stylish shorts we’ve seen in a while. Its director, Matthew Savage, has served as…

Interview / June 15, 2010

Yesterday Sondhi posted his featured review of The Un-Gone. Earlier this week I got in touch with director Simon Bovey to dive a little deeper into the creative process behind

Interview / August 24, 2009

How did Solitude come about?
Solitude is my thesis project for my degree at ESAG-Penninghen Paris. It’s a universal feeling that reaches every one of us at some point of time…