Short of the Week


Musical about Hope in Live-Action
Brandon McCormick / 20 min / USA / 2013

The latest from Whitestone Motion Pictures—the true tall tale of John Henry and the railroad

Musical about The End in Live-Action
Adam Hall / 19 min / USA / 2012

Finally, a musical where everybody dies.

Musical about Love in Live-Action
Nacho Vigalondo / 7 min / Spain / 2010

A woman enters a cafe only to find its diners in complete silence. Then… a man breaks into song. It’s a surprising, genre-bending film nominated for an Oscar in 2004.

Musical about Revenge in Flash Animation
James Lee / 6 min / Australia / 2010

An action-packed musical, flash animation about robots seeking revenge—prepare to be entertained.

Musical about Hope in Live-Action
Kurt Kuenne / 16 min / USA / 2009

A parking attendent serves up free compliments to a world in need of a little gratitude and understanding

Musical about Redemption in Live-Action
Brandon McCormick / 15 min / USA / 2009

A dispassionate master of the stage is brought to see the magic around us every day.

Musical about Crime in Live-Action
Joss Whedon / 42 min / USA / 2009

Neil Patrick Harris owes his recent success to his role as an awkward villain vying to make his mark on the world in this breakout web hit from comedy master Joss Whedon.

Musical about Nature in Flash Animation
Ben Meinhardt / 2 min / Canada / 2009

Fuzzy animals break into song in this student parody of the classic Disney sing-along.