Short of the Week


Dramedy about Love in Live-Action
Dustin Guy Defa / 18 min / USA / 2014

The morning after hosting a party, a record store owner finds a pretty young woman sleeping on his floor. She refuses to leave.

Dramedy about Transformation in Live-Action
Nick Vitale, Tyler Nilson / 10 min / USA / 2014

When a new bridge is built connecting his island to the mainland, a boy has to come to grips with the change and opportunities that come along with it.

Satire about Humanity in Live-Action
Nathaniel Lindsay / 15 min / Australia / 2014

In the Summer of 1980 a successful yuppie faces an existential crisis when a Nosferatic ghoul joins his social circle and undermines his social status.

Dramedy about Society in Live-Action
Greg Bratman, Dusty Brown / 12 min / USA / 2014

Two nobodies try to find their place in a world of somebodies.

Dramedy about Identity in Live-Action
Hughes William Thompson / 9 min / USA / 2014

After his wife leaves him, Charles begins to assume the identities of strangers at a local coffee shop to avoid being alone.

Dramedy about Transformation in Live-Action
Chris Keener, Rob Shore / 22 min / USA / 2014

Steven Crosby, a small town missionary in a strange land stumbles upon the low road to salvation with the help of a little Mayan girl, a black magic woman, and a saint with a cigar

Dramedy about Society in 3D Animation
Ben Brand / 9 min / Netherlands / 2014

Anton may be done with life, but life ain’t done with Anton. In his convincing decision to change his measly existence he discovers the real greatness of life.

Dramedy about Friendship in Live-Action
Matt Sadowski, Darren Kaliciak / 11 min / Canada / 2014

An exceptionally grumpy employee at the Family Fun Centre may get closer to finding love and happiness after he’s befriended by a precocious 6-year-old.

Dramedy about Love in Live-Action
Michael Callahan / 13 min / USA / 2014

David and Kate’s sex life is on the wane. In an effort to save their relationship, they decide to raise the stakes: have sex that night or break up.

Dramedy about Love in Live-Action
Ben Aston / 14 min / UK / 2014

Lovestruck Randy gets more than he bargained for when he finally gets to meet his prison pen pal Crystal.

Dramedy about Love in Live-Action
Jeremy Hersh / 20 min / USA / 2014

From SXSW 2013. A white jewish girl joins her native American girlfriend on a visit to her parent’s place. Her attempts at family bonding go terribly wrong.

Dramedy about Art in Live-Action
Shia LaBeouf / 12 min / USA / 2013

This is the story of Howard Cantour. A warrior. His life as a film critic and how he comes to terms with reviewing his hero’s film.

Dramedy about Innocence in Mixed Media
Keith Bearden / 7 min / USA / 2013

Two young teens obsess about “The Raftman”, a comic superhero who does next to nothing.

Dramedy about Love in 3D Animation
Yonni Aroussi, Ben Genislaw / 6 min / Israel / 2013

An animated journey into the future of a young couple moving in together for the first time.

Dramedy about Society in Live-Action
Victor Carrey / 11 min / Spain / 2013

Chewing gum. A dog leash. An Australia shaped stain on the wall. A bent traffic light… Each of these elements has its own story, even though all of them together can create a new plot.

Dramedy about Love in Live-Action
Brie Larson, Dustin Bowser / 4 min / USA / 2013

She wants to go. He wants her to stay. Neither gets quite what they want.

Dramedy about Society in Live-Action
Jesse Coane / 20 min / USA / 2013

Stuck in the doldrums of his daily life, Philip comes home to his apartment to find his world turned upside down.

Dramedy about Love in Mixed Media
Tom Jobbins / 10 min / UK / 2013

Larry’s Face was sent into space on the Voyager Spacecraft, an event he thought would bring intergalactic fame. This is his story of life and love.

Dramedy about Family in Live-Action
Michael Cera / 20 min / USA / 2013

In a self-effacing attempt to save his father from a death by deterioration, a young man enlists his curmudgeonly boss and Kelis to perform a song, and a miracle.

Dramedy about Sexuality in Live-Action
Sean Ellis / 10 min / France / 2013

Jean-Paul Clément checks into a hotel and faces a personal dilemma in this short from Cashback director, Sean Ellis.

Dramedy about Identity in Mixed Media
Rian Johnson / 10 min / USA / 2012

A woman spends her life dreaming the dreams of a stranger—until she runs into him.

Dramedy about Innocence in Live-Action
Suzi Yoonessi / 11 min / USA / 2011

A look into the summer dramas in the lives of the less popular kids.

Dramedy about Identity in Animation
Benedi Yann, Desrumaux Celine / 1 min / USA / 2011

The giants of our world are lonely outcasts in this web series from the animation duo, Celine & Yann.

Dramedy about Friendship in Stop-Motion
Kirsten Lepore / 5 min / USA / 2010

Separated by the sea, a unique duo pass along details of their lives through a bottle. An elegiac animation of minimalist perfection.

Dramedy about Love in Flash Animation
Barbara Benas / 4 min / USA / 2010

When a sensitive cowboy loses faith in this dark world, it takes a bit of kindness to bring him back.