Short of the Week


Action about Perseverence in Live-Action
James McFay / 15 min / Japan / 2014

A heartbroken girl gets into a taxi. Ten minutes later, the driver is fighting for her life.

Action about Survival in Live-Action
Ryan Connolly / 11 min / USA / 2013

From Film Riot’s Ryan Connolly, a man wakes up to find himself prisoner to a proximity triggered bomb attached to his ankle.

Action about Revenge in Live-Action
The Halsall Brothers / 12 min / UK / 2013

After a brutal near death experience Sam IL is forced to contemplate his past whilst accepting the non-existence of his future.

Epic about Other Worlds in Live-Action
Martin Rosete / 10 min / Spain / 2013

A conflicted narrator leads the viewer through three extreme situations that are actually the same…Will you survive?

Music Video about Nothing in Live-Action
Ilya Naishuller / 4 min / Russia / 2013

An office escape turns into first-person action insanity in this music video from Russian punk rock band, Biting Elbows

Action about Perseverence in Live-Action
Kirk Sullivan / 10 min / USA / 2013

When the crew’s wages are stolen from a feature film set, it is up to the ambitious PA to recover them, and hopefully impress the producer while he’s at it.

Action about Conquest in Special FX
Dan Blank / 6 min / USA / 2012

It’s sushi chefs vs. sea monsters in this wildly entertaining special effects driven comedic short from director Dan Blank.

Action about Nothing in 3D Animation
Dan Sumich / 3 min / UK / 2012

The proverbial flap of a butterfly’s wings set into motion a chaotic chain reaction that perfectly ruins one man’s morning.

Action about Other Worlds in Special FX
James Farr / 6 min / USA / 2012

The greatest 80s movie never made, a talented production team from Tulsa, Oklahoma, brings Pac-Man to life in this fun fan film.

Action about Revenge in Live-Action
Thomas Jane, Adi Shankar / 10 min / USA / 2012

Actor Thomas Jane takes the Punisher property into his own hands with a new popular Fan-Film

Action about Crime in 3D Animation
Philippe Gamer / 4 min / France / 2012

Four sassy cougars enjoy the thrill of a chase in this action-packed short that doesn’t take itself too seriously.

Action about Love in 3D Animation

Buck can slow time to a crawl—How will he use his new power?—To impress a girl, of course. A slick 3D animation from France’s ESMA school.

Action about Crime in Live-Action
Justin Lutsky / 14 min / USA / 2012

If at first you don’t deliver cocky perfection, try try again—a behind the scenes look at the making of a classic action hero in this comedy from On the Lot alum, Justin Lutsky.

Action about Growth in Stop-Motion
Bruno Collet / 8 min / France / 2011

The ghost of Bruce Lee is reborn! Except it is in the form of a toy figurine.

Action about Human Nature in Animation
Damian Nenow / 10 min / Poland / 2011

>>>>Video File Down Due to Copyright Claim by Platige Image<<<<
A stunning aerial dogfight between two pilots brings both to the edge, transforming them into something darker, in this highly anticipated short animation.

Action about Conspiracy in Multi-Media
Smith & Foulkes / 2 min / UK / 2011

The action seamlessly slips between reality and a computer’s virtual reality in this wonderfully original branded film.

Action about Desperation in 3D Animation

Maximall means maximalism in this outrageous and gorgeous chase film that assaults your eyes.

Action about Nature in 3D Animation

A night on the town turns deadly for three sentient plants, escaped from the botanical garden they called homed.

Action about Friendship in 3D Animation

Your traditional student animation chase scene—Dutch-style. Evidently this means copious amounts of drugs and psychedelic imagery!

Action about Growth in Live-Action
Aaron Au / 9 min / Canada / 2011

Gifted with an impressive sword, an elderly tea-master must fight for his life despite knowing nothing of swordplay.

Action about Crime in Live-Action
Lin Oeding / 9 min / USA / 2011

A harmless discussion turns into serious action in this fable from Hollywood stunt man, Lin Oeding.

Action about Revenge in Special FX
Sol Friedman / 11 min / Canada / 2011

A young warrior seeks vengeance in this comic book style short.

Action about Desperation in 3D Animation

Forbidden love sets off a wild chase between a deer-headed teenager and his girlfriend’s hunting father in this illustrative, action-packed film from Supinfocom students.

Action about Conquest in 3D Animation

Action-packed homage to the childhood games of yesteryear led by a shirtless avenger in boxers.

Action about Crime in 3D Animation

Pete, by day, an awkward salesman, by night, a government-controlled secret agent assigned to thwart a theft