Short of the Week

South Africa

Drama about Sexuality in Live-Action

A coming of age love story set in the shacks of Khayelitsha township, one of the most dangerous areas in the world.

Thriller about Revenge in Live-Action
Daniel Levi / 12 min / South Africa / 2013

Bound, gagged and being buried alive, Ollie somehow feels he still has the upper-hand in this predicament.

Fantasy about Survival in 3D Animation

Telling the story of an island of dodo-like birds terrorized by a malcontent octopus who relentlessly devours them, this work by the South African collective, The Blackheart Gang, is unabashedly fun and yet indescribably odd.

Music Video about Other Worlds in Puppetry
Mitch Stratten / 4 min / South Africa / 2009

Peek into the bizarre world of South African musician, Nodern, where rabid puppets run rampant through open fields.