Short of the Week


Adventure about Family in Animation
Yulya Aronova / 6 min / Russia / 2014

Life’s a breeze when your mom is an airplane! Yulya Aronova’s Annie-nominated short film is child-like innocence and wonder epitomized.

Adventure about Identity in Animation
Natalia Mirzoyan / 8 min / Russia / 2014

An independently minded ant defies his colony and dedicates his life to pursuing his dreams.

Music Video about Nothing in Live-Action
Ilya Naishuller / 4 min / Russia / 2013

An office escape turns into first-person action insanity in this music video from Russian punk rock band, Biting Elbows

Drama about Growth in Animation
Aleksandr Petrov / 10 min / Russia / 2008

Aleksandr Petrov continues his streak of Oscar-nominations with this fine work of art that highlights his unique technique of animating oil paint on glass.