Short of the Week


Documentary about Community in Live-Action
Fritz Schumann / 6 min / Japan / 2014

In a deserted village in Japan, Ayano Tsukimi makes lifesized dolls to make up for those who have died or moved away.

Action about Hope in Live-Action
James McFay / 15 min / Japan / 2014

A heartbroken girl gets into a taxi. Ten minutes later, the driver is fighting for her life.

Parody about Identity in Live-Action
Tetsuya Nakashima / 7 min / Japan / 2011

Who am I? It is a question we all ask. For high-schooler Katori Shintarou the question becomes more urgent when the Earth Defender Freshmen show up to defend the world—from him!

Sci-Fi about Other Worlds in Special FX
Mamoru Oshii / 7 min / Japan / 2010

A female warrior battles an unstoppable foe in this sci-fi film from Ghost in the Shell creator Mamoru Oshii with an ending that’s difficult to explain.

Action about Transformation in Anime
Mahiro Maeda / 14 min / Japan / 2010

A giant object falls from the sky sending a small village into turmoil. But these villagers don’t seem normal! Nor is the object for the matter! A visual and intellectual Anime treat from the “Genius Party” collection.

Horror about Survival in Anime
Kazuto Nakazawa / 10 min / Japan / 2009

A moody, and stylistic anime from acclaimed director Kazuto Nakazawa. A swordsman of legend is persuaded by a young girl to protect her village. But what is it she is unleashing?

Romance about Love in Anime
Kazuto Nakazawa / 1 min / Japan / 2008

A splendid 60 second tale of love and loss showcasing cutting-edge anime techniques by the director of the Kill Bill animated sequence

Horror about Survival in Live-Action
Takashi Shimizu / 3 min / Japan / 2008

Before Ju-On and The Grudge, Takashi Shimizu had to prove his new edgy take on horror in the form of two short films—this is the first.

Adventure about Conquest in Anime
Hayao Miyazaki / 7 min / Japan / 2007

The brilliant Miyazaki brings to life a beautiful story of two small heroes and their pursuit to free a young angelic girl.

Adventure about Transformation in Anime
Cedric Herole / 3 min / Japan / 2007

A dream to fly turns dangerous as our young heroine is dragged into a new world only to be saved by a kindly witch. Sound familiar?

Drama about Friendship in Anime
Makoto Shinkai / 5 min / Japan / 2007

Beautiful, black and white animation from the “next Miyazaki” about the love between cat and partner told from the cat’s perspective.