Short of the Week


Horror about Loss in Special FX
Ray Sullivan / 12 min / Ireland / 2014

In a self-assembly cabinet, bereaved parents find a monstrous substitute for their dead son.

Romance about Humanity in Live-Action
Shimmy Marcus / 14 min / Ireland / 2014

When two strangers meet by circumstance, they spend the day together and overcome the obstacles of their language barrier through emotional connection.

Adventure about Loss in Animation
Eoin Duffy / 6 min / Ireland / 2014

On a quest to find his missing scarf, Albert the squirrel unearths problems far beyond his own.

Documentary about Community in Live-Action
Keith Walsh, Jill Beardsworth / 13 min / Ireland / 2014

As the analogue age draws to a close, eight men sit in an Irish bar and battle to remain relevant in the digital world; the TV in the corner a harbinger of this technological future.

Drama about Revenge in Live-Action
Will Maloney / 17 min / USA / 2014

To avenge his family, one man must destroy another.

Drama about Friendship in Animation
Eamonn O'Neill / 10 min / Ireland / 2014

SotW Award winner Eamonn O’Neill (I’m Fine Thanks) returns with his graduation film from the Royal College of Art.

Drama about Nature in Live-Action
Lorcan Finnegan / 16 min / Ireland / 2014

A young couple trapped in a remote estate of empty houses and shrieking foxes are beckoned from their isolation into a twilight world.

Comedy about Hope in Stop-Motion
Conor Finnegan / 9 min / Ireland / 2013

A small bird with a fear of flying tries to avoid heading South for the winter.

Drama about Loss in Animation
Eoin Duffy / 5 min / Ireland / 2013

A lone traveller makes his way through an airport before finally accepting his journey’s end.

Myth about Inspiration in 3D Animation
Darragh O’Connell / 10 min / Ireland / 2013

An old explorer close to freezing in the Arctic re-lives the events that brought him there in the first place.

Dark Comedy about Crime in Live-Action
Domhnall Gleeson / 18 min / Ireland / 2013

Two men with no idea what’s going on. A comedic short written and directed by Domhnall Gleeson. Starring Brendan Gleeson and Brian Gleeson.

Horror about Innocence in Puppetry

This holiday season, ask if you know where your Teddy Bear really comes from.

Drama about Sexuality in Live-Action
Michael Kinirons / 21 min / Ireland / 2012

Lowland is a teenage girl temporarily living in the middle-of-nowhere Ireland while her father is on an archaeological dig. When she happens across two young brothers cutting peat in a bog, a surprise discovery brings the three of them together for a night of exploration

Dark Comedy about Family in Live-Action
Jason LaMotte / 11 min / Ireland / 2012

Some family feuds are easily settled—others require extreme terms.

Dark Comedy about Innocence in Puppetry
Liam Gavin / 13 min / Ireland / 2012

Suicidal after the death of his wife, a grieving man takes solace in his childhood friends…

Comedy about Music in Live-Action
Mike Ahern, Enda Loughman / 5 min / Ireland / 2012

A man awakens in a hospital only to find his life now comes with an accompanying foley group in this Wes Anderson meets Twilight Zone short.

Drama about Family in Animation
Adrien Merigeau / 11 min / Ireland / 2010

Beautiful soft-spoken film about a son’s attempt to reconnect with his estranged father.

Drama about Innocence in Live-Action
Darren Thornton / 11 min / Ireland / 2010

A dynamic and well written story in a social realist vein. Frankie is fifteen and soon he’s going be a daddy. Desperate to become a good father despite the absence of his own, Frankie struggles to learn how.

Documentary about Society in Special FX
Gavin Kelly / 4 min / Ireland / 2010

What if fantasy characters from World of Warcraft existed in our world? That’s what this documentary from Dublin explores, and I in turn explore how the film is perfect representative of short film today.

Drama about Society in Live-Action
Juanita Wilson / 16 min / Ireland / 2010

A recent Oscar nominee, an absurd crime reveals itself as a poignant ritual for a family in post-Chernobyl Ukraine

Drama about Innocence in Live-Action
Steph Green / 11 min / Ireland / 2009

The new kid in class looks different—he’s from Rwanda—and when the other kids start to tease him, it calls up memories of a violent past.

Drama about Sexuality in Live-Action
Connor Clements / 17 min / Ireland / 2009

Focusing on a boy in Northern Ireland isolated by his sexuality and alienated from his family due to his parent’s marital troubles, the title character, “James”, reaches out in desperation to his teacher for support and guidance.—A Sundance 10/10 film

Dark Comedy about Other Worlds in 3D Animation
Ruairi Robinson / 3 min / Ireland / 2008

What happens after death? A soldier is about to find out, in this 3-d animation that was nominated for an Oscar in 2002.