Short of the Week
Adventure about Perseverence in Animation

All houses have a story, some have an adventure

Sci-Fi about Corruption in Live-Action

In a the near future, a private company has developed a technology that requires its clients to store their memory data on a single server. In this highly controlled world, a young woman has the power to change things.

Sci-Fi about The End in Special FX

Leo, a Hi-Tech ‘pet’ robot, wanders alone in Paris following the mysterious disappearance of nearly all living species.

Adventure about Other Worlds in 3D Animation
Loïc Bramoullé / 6 min / France / 2014

A tiny and mysterious cat-like creature awakes in the remains of his smouldering spaceship and finds himself on a journey through a beautiful and dangerous world, in a quest for answers.

Dark Comedy about Life & Society in 3D Animation

A giant blue man wanders an alien planet, his actions controlled by the chickens in his mind

Adventure about Conquest in 3D Animation

A fisherman returns to the dock to share the tale of his most epic fishing expedition with the boy waiting for him.

Fantasy about Family in Animation
Jeff Le Bars / 5 min / France / 2013

Lost in the woods, A young boy makes a bloody pact with a dying wolf.

Mystery about Childhood in 3D Animation
Jérémy Clapin / 10 min / France / 2013

A boy makes an unusual new friend on a hunting trip with his father. Animator Jeremy Clapin’s followup to his 2009 SotW Best Short of the Year.

Dark Comedy about The End in Live-Action

A practical joke spectacularly backfires when a night watchman at a movie studio gets stuck inside an unwieldy monster costume.

Fantasy about Nature in 3D Animation

Abel lives in the winter and Apolline lives in the summer. Isolated in their “natures”, they never met each other. But, their encounter will soon become more complicated than they could imagine. Both of them will have to learn compromise to protect the other…

Dramedy about Sexuality in Live-Action
Sean Ellis / 10 min / France / 2013

Jean-Paul Clément checks into a hotel and faces a personal dilemma in this short from Cashback director, Sean Ellis.

Comedy about Perseverence in 3D Animation

It’s soldier vs. bear in this light-hearted “Merry Melodies” slapstick from students at France’s ESMA.

Thriller about Music in Live-Action
Oliver Treiner / 13 min / France / 2012

A piano tuner pretends to be blind for simple thrills until he sees something he shouldn’t in this well-crafted French thriller. — OFFLINE due to Copyright claim by Premium-Films.

Sci-Fi about Identity in 3D Animation

Every second counts in this polished computer generated student film out of Bellecour School of Art

Romance about Community in Animation

One man always on the move will have an encounter that puts into question everything he knows.

Fantasy about Perseverence in Animation

Struggle for life told in beautiful geometric animation from EMCA students.

Action about Crime in 3D Animation
Philippe Gamer / 4 min / France / 2012

Four sassy cougars enjoy the thrill of a chase in this action-packed short that doesn’t take itself too seriously.

Comedy about Identity in Animation

Living in an average British suburb, Barney drives an average car to an average office where he works an average job. He’s an average bloke, with one important exception: he lives life upside down.

Satire about Human Nature in Animation
Nobrain / 14 min / France / 2012

An unknown man wakes in a barren land and shortly finds himself in control of a universe rapidly spiraling out of control.

Myth about Redemption in Animation
Benjamin Renner / 4 min / France / 2012

The classic underdog takes on new meaning in this short animated in simple, graphic shapes.

Adventure about Growth in Animation
Kadavre Exquis / 3 min / France / 2012

Nostalgia drips from this warm and fuzzy tale that harkens back to the Saturday morning cartoons of the 70′s and 80′s.

Action about Love in 3D Animation

Buck can slow time to a crawl—How will he use his new power?—To impress a girl, of course. A slick 3D animation from France’s ESMA school.

Action about Growth in Stop-Motion
Bruno Collet / 8 min / France / 2011

The ghost of Bruce Lee is reborn! Except it is in the form of a toy figurine.

Adventure about Love in Stop-Motion

When the bookstore closes, the characters on the book covers come alive in this collaboration between designer Olympia Le-Tan and filmmaker Spike Jonze.

Adventure about Growth in Animation
Delphine Dussoubs / 5 min / France / 2011

A young monkey, initiated by his master, will pass his transition to adulthood. He will have to fight fire, metaphor for his fear of growing up, by taming the sound of the sacred djembe, symbol of independence.