Short of the Week


Drama about Identity in Live-Action
Jesper Quistgaard / 16 min / Denmark / 2014

After realizing that his 6-year-old son thinks he is working as a police officer punishing villains, a burdened parking attendant feels inspired to use his infamous profession to turn vigilante.

War about Survival in Animation
David Adler / 19 min / Denmark / 2014

Two Danish soldiers serving in the German military in 1916 during World War I are stranded in a bomb shelter on the Western Front.

Adventure about Identity in 3D Animation
William Reynish / 12 min / Denmark / 2014

After a devastating breakup, a young girl goes on a quest to find her spirit animal.

Sports about Loss in Live-Action
Anders Walter / 16 min / Denmark / 2013

Oscar Short-Listed in 2012, 9 Meter tells the story of Daniel, a 16-year-old who believes breaking his long jump records is keeping his dying mother alive. He sets out to make the most dangerous jump of his life.

Drama about Abuse in Live-Action
Lars p Arendt / 15 min / Denmark / 2013

They lie about it. Dad hitting Mom. But ten-year old Benjamin has had it with lies. Taking Dad´s pricey puppy as hostage, Benjamin forces Dad to apologize to Mom. Unfortunately for all of them, Daddy is not the apologizing kind.

Branded Film about Growth in 3D Animation
Lani Pixels, Kim Pagel / 17 min / Denmark / 2012

The LEGO Group celebrates its 80th Birthday with an animated look back at its origins and history. An unusually ambitious and blatant branded film.

Adventure about Life & Society in 3D Animation
David R. Christensen / 5 min / Denmark / 2012

The Animation Workshop brings us a fully-realized world with strong visual metaphors about the pressures of responsibility.

Fantasy about Revenge in 3D Animation
Sune Reinhardt / 4 min / Denmark / 2011

A late night driver’s collision with a deer in the headlights takes a strange turn in this painterly 3D animation.

Drama about Family in Live-Action
Mads Matthiesen / 18 min / Denmark / 2011

A shy bodybuilder ventures out on a date against the wishes of his over-protective mother in this powerful character-driven film from Denmark.

Dark Comedy about Revenge in Live-Action
Lars von Trier / 3 min / Denmark / 2011

What would happen if you interrupted Lars von Trier during a movie? It’s not pretty.

Western about in 3D Animation
Bo Mathhorne / 9 min / Denmark / 2011

The Grim Reaper waits patiently as the residents of a small western outpost turn on one another in this student film from The Animation Workshop.