Short of the Week


Adventure about Other Worlds in Animation
Guilherme Marcondes / 10 min / Brazil / 2014

Not many people know this but every night at 3:33AM time is frozen for a moment. During what is a fraction of second to mortal eyes there is a second night, a secret one where the spirits of the city come out to play.

Branded Film about Other Worlds in 3D Animation
Rafael Grampá / 4 min / Brazil / 2014

Private eye Vincent Black is hired by an old man hoping to recover his lost ideas.

Experimental about Love in Special FX
CISMA (Denis Kamioka) / 7 min / Brazil / 2009

This surreal, design-inspired film, blends live-action and animation to illustrate the emotions of new love and heartbreak.

Drama about Nothing in Live-Action
Bernardo Dutra, Manitou Felipe / 15 min / Brazil / 2008

Ever find yourself so wrapped up in a film that you feel as through you’ve become a part of the plot? Watch obsession turn into a story of its own.