Short of the Week


Fantasy about Conquest in 3D Animation

The Argentinian house 3DAR puts together an astounding passion project. Faced with the destruction of his habitat from encroaching development, a monkey decides to change the system from the inside.

Romance about Perseverence in Pixilation
Juan Pablo Zaramella / 6 min / Argentina / 2012

A beautiful pixilation short imagining a world controlled by light, and a young man determined to find his own agency within it.———Currently OFFLINE.

Sci-Fi about Other Worlds in Special FX

We’ve been attacked again—only this time it’s our own fault.

Essay about Life & Society in Animation
Santiago Grasso / 7 min / Argentina / 2011

Just another day at work in this poignant animation that played Ottawa, Annecy, and Stuttgart.

Horror about Conquest in Live-Action
Pedro Cristiani / 13 min / Argentina / 2011

A secret order of priests guards the thin border between our world and the realm of darkness in this inventive horror film from Argentina.

Experimental about Politics in Stop-Motion
Blu / 10 min / Argentina / 2010

Argentinian street artist, Blu, takes his freudian creature animations to the massive scale as they move across a desolate cityscape.

Experimental about Art in Animation
Blu, David Ellis / 8 min / Argentina / 2009

Street artist Blu animates large-scale creatures as they crawl across an abandoned Argentine cityscape.

Experimental about Nothing in Stop-Motion
Blu / 8 min / Argentina / 2008

Familiar morph-animation on a ridiculous scale—street-artist Blu takes his animation to the streets of Buenos Aires, onto the walls, and into its hidden places.