Short of the Week

Oscar Films

Sports about Loss in Live-Action
Anders Walter / 16 min / Denmark / 2013

Oscar Short-Listed in 2012, 9 Meter tells the story of Daniel, a 16-year-old who believes breaking his long jump records is keeping his dying mother alive. He sets out to make the most dangerous jump of his life.

Romance about Family in Stop-Motion
Timothy Reckart / 10 min / UK / 2013

CURRENTLY OFFLINE—For a limited time, Timothy Reckart’s 2013 Oscar-nominated animation is online. An elderly couple live in two radically different ways, but find the will to come together.

Adventure about Friendship in Animation
Minkyu Lee / 15 min / USA / 2013

CURRENTLY OFFLINE—A Disney animator ventures out on his own to create this beautiful Oscar nominated short about two creatures who were made for each other.

Fantasy about Inspiration in 3D Animation
Brandon Oldenburg, William Joyce / 14 min / USA / 2012

The Oscar-nominated film + app about a man’s magical love for books that put the beloved Moonbot Studios on the map. *UPDATE: The filmmakers have removed the free version, but you can purchase the film on iTunes for $1.99

Drama about Family in Live-Action
Andrea Arnold / 24 min / UK / 2011

The 2003 Oscar winner, this film is a searing and intimate portrait of a single-mom and her 4 children in contemporary Britain.

Documentary about Beauty in Animation
Bastien Dubois / 11 min / France / 2010

The Oscar-nominated animation about a journey across the geographic and cultural landscape of Madagascar.

Action about The End in 3D Animation

Mayhem shakes a world constructed of corporate logos in this Oscar-winning animation.

Drama about Life & Society in Live-Action
Juanita Wilson / 16 min / Ireland / 2010

A recent Oscar nominee, an absurd crime reveals itself as a poignant ritual for a family in post-Chernobyl Ukraine

Documentary about Politics in Motion Graphics
Josh Raskin / 5 min / USA / 2010

40 years ago a 14-year old Beatle fan edged his way in to see John Lennon and recorded this exchange covering topics still eerily relevant today.

Thriller about Other Worlds in Claymation

A disturbing train ride through the depths of her psychology awaits Madame Tutli Putli in this astonishing claymation that was Oscar-nominated in 2007.

Satire about Life & Society in Stop-Motion

What we see as centuries of progress—two rocks see as just another passing afternoon.

Dark Comedy about Politics in Animation
Bill Plympton / 5 min / USA / 2009

A lovable dog does all he can to protect his master from the park’s hidden dangers in this satirical look at Bush-era American policy from the legendary Bill Plympton.

Drama about Childhood in Live-Action
Steph Green / 11 min / Ireland / 2009

The new kid in class looks different—he’s from Rwanda—and when the other kids start to tease him, it calls up memories of a violent past.

Documentary about Inspiration in 3D Animation
Chris Landreth / 13 min / Ireland / 2009

This Oscar-Winning film pairs psychedelic CG animation with documentary techniques to tell the story of legendary animator Ryan Larkin.

Drama about Inspiration in Claymation
Mark Osborne / 7 min / USA / 2008

Stop-Motion film of great beauty tells the story of a young inventor as he deals with the corrupting influences of Capitalism, and examines the source of joy and inspiration.

Dark Comedy about Other Worlds in 3D Animation
Ruairi Robinson / 3 min / Ireland / 2008

What happens after death? A soldier is about to find out, in this 3-d animation that was nominated for an Oscar in 2002.

Drama about Loss in Animation

A moving tale of a daughter, an absent father, and the ties we share that surpass time or logic

Drama about Growth in Animation
Aleksandr Petrov / 10 min / Russia / 2008

Aleksandr Petrov continues his streak of Oscar-nominations with this fine work of art that highlights his unique technique of animating oil paint on glass.

Experimental about Corruption in Claymation

From post-communist Germany comes this remarkable social experiment that serves as an allegory in explaining the fall of Soviet communism—all without uttering a single word.

Comedy about Greed in Live-Action
J J Keith / 18 min / UK / 2007

OFFLINE – Quirky British comedy about a crook who finds himself trapped in the home of a person away on holiday.