Short of the Week


Drama about Sexuality in Live-Action

A coming of age love story set in the shacks of Khayelitsha township, one of the most dangerous areas in the world.

Drama about Childhood in Live-Action
Julius Avery / 13 min / Australia / 2014

A kid risks everything after he is bullied into making a life and death decision.

Drama about Reality in Live-Action
Robert Hloz / 10 min / South Korea / 2014

Nick, a man with a supernatural ability, encounters Mia, a woman with the same ability. For better and for worse, Mia helps him to understand his power.

Drama about Family in Live-Action
Matthew James Reilly / 17 min / USA / 2014

At the end of what she hopes to be her last day at work, a young gas station attendant attempts to leave town permanently.

Drama about Childhood in Live-Action

Eight-year old Andy thinks he has superhuman abilities in this Cannes-honored film from New Zealand.

Satire about Human Nature in Live-Action
Tim Hamilton / 12 min / Canada / 2011

Experience the weird but hilarious disconnect of a group of advertisers saying exactly what they’re feeling in this vintage internet classic.

Cannes Festival Web Competition / May 5, 2011

Yeesh, I’m sure some of you are getting dispirited with the sheer number of short films to watch lately, but there is no let up. It’s the summer festival…

Drama about Identity in Live-Action
Vin Diesel / 20 min / USA / 2011

Written, starring and directed by Vin Diesel this 1995 short film gave the future action star his break. Playing a largely autobiographical role, we see the struggles of a young actor.

Drama about Growth in Live-Action
Peter Sollett / 28 min / USA / 2010

Driven by the prospects of love, young Victor walks his neighborhood in Manhattan’s lower east side struggling to find his place in a world of dominance and empty promises

Action about The End in 3D Animation

Mayhem shakes a world constructed of corporate logos in this Oscar-winning animation.

Drama about Childhood in Live-Action
Alicia Duffy / 5 min / UK / 2009

At a major moment in her life, a young girl encounters an unknown man outside her house, in this ambiguous, poetic film.