Short of the Week

Jason Sondhi

Drama about Childhood in Live-Action
Darren Thornton / 11 min / Ireland / 2010

A dynamic and well written story in a social realist vein. Frankie is fifteen and soon he’s going be a daddy. Desperate to become a good father despite the absence of his own, Frankie struggles to learn how.

Article / September 17, 2010

The assault that the city of New York has been under for the last week, perpetrated by 5’11, birdlike amazons, garbed in freakish war paint and extravagant, yet bizarrely soft…

SOTW / September 2, 2010

Short of the Week is now rockin’ it like 2009! Visit our new Facebook page and click the “like” button to get our curated short film selections right in your…

Fantasy about Growth in Animation

Nostalgic yet dark, sexy but absurd, this lovely and unique animation about a young Hong Kong girl, her oft-absent lover and a jealous octopus slowly wraps its tentacles around you.

News / August 24, 2010

Word arrived Stateside this morning, not through any official announcement, but through the tweets of his friends and collaborators. Kon Satoshi, one of the leading lights of Anime, director of…

Documentary about Life & Society in Special FX
Gavin Kelly / 4 min / Ireland / 2010

What if fantasy characters from World of Warcraft existed in our world? That’s what this documentary from Dublin explores, and I in turn explore how the film is perfect representative of short film today.

News / August 5, 2010

It’s fun when mainstream sites do pieces on short film, and in a rare treat, two such articles were published online today. First up is a brief article and slideshow…

Interview / July 18, 2010

Reign of Death, the subject of our recent feature review, is one of the most confidently stylish shorts we’ve seen in a while. Its director, Matthew Savage, has served as…

Festival / July 9, 2010

Just stumbled upon something really cool by complete accident! Maybe I should be ashamed to call myself an <ahem> “short film expert” and not have heard of this since it’s…

Film Noir about Crime in Special FX
Matthew Savage / 6 min / UK / 2010

1940′s visual styling combines with a futuristic setting in this sci-fi take on the hardboiled gumshoe. Now in development as a feature.

Drama about Childhood in Live-Action
David Michôd / 13 min / Australia / 2010

A stylish and meditative film centering on the unhappy life of a neglected teen, told from the perspective of his neighbor who attempts to make sense of him.

Sci-Fi about Identity in Live-Action
Simon Bovey / 8 min / UK / 2010

Beam me up! Transporters are a reality in this spare, realistic sci-fi short. However they are not perfect, as one man is about to find out.

Fantasy about Friendship in 3D Animation
Joanna Lurie / 10 min / France / 2010

Heartwarming tale of two creatures exploring a new world.

Western about Redemption in Machinima
John Hillcoat / 29 min / USA / 2010

A western machinima animation based on the popular video game.

Thriller about Desperation in Live-Action
Vincenzo Natali / 19 min / Canada / 2010

A taut horror-thriller set entirely within an elevator, this short film from Vincenzo Natali (Cube, Splice), is guaranteed to keep you on the edge of your seat.

Fantasy about Beauty in Collage Animation
Joaquin Baldwin / 3 min / USA / 2010

Spanish for “Origami”, Papiroflexia is the tale of Fred, a skillful paper folder who could shape the world with his hands.

Sci-Fi about Conspiracy in Special FX
Ricardo de Montreuil / 6 min / USA / 2010

A mystical man escapes the eye of the law in this low-budget but special-effects driven film.

Action about Growth in Anime
Mahiro Maeda / 14 min / Japan / 2010

A giant object falls from the sky sending a small village into turmoil. But these villagers don’t seem normal! Nor is the object for the matter! A visual and intellectual Anime treat from the “Genius Party” collection.

News / May 4, 2010

Continuing what has become a beloved tradition, today kicked off the National Film Board of Canada’s Online Short Film Contest. We let you know about it last year too,…

Experimental about Nothing in Animation
Christian Schlaeffer / 7 min / Germany / 2010

A mind-bending trip through the unconscious loosely based on a polynesian prophecy.

Sci-Fi about Other Worlds in Flash Animation
Jake Armstrong / 5 min / USA / 2010

A grizzled spaceman comes to Alpha-9 to hunt down a vicious monster.

Documentary about Family in Live-Action
Turner Ross, Bill Ross / 18 min / USA / 2010

It’s not just another day for this low-income family who prepare a party to celebrate their moment of fame on a popular game show.

Fantasy about Life & Society in Live-Action
Guy Maddin / 14 min / Canada / 2010

A love story to Canada, Guy Maddin directs this film for the NFB about a Bosnian immigrant who uses the Aurora Borealis to broadcast images across the country.

Drama about Nature in Live-Action
Ramin Bahrani / 17 min / USA / 2010

Werner Herzog gives voice to a plastic bag’s existential crisis. A very unique and powerful filmmaking statement by celebrated director Ramin Bahrani.

SOTW / April 8, 2010

Going to embark on some overdue maintenance over the next week or two. Mainly we’ll be updating broken links. If you’ve noticed past entries that no longer connect to video,…