Short of the Week


Drama about Humanity in Live-Action
Jonathan Entwistle / 13 min / UK / 2012

Gorillas, Zebras, Lions, and Unicorns party and clash in the jungle that is teenage drama from British short veteran, Jonathan Entwistle.

Fantasy about Revenge in 3D Animation
Sune Reinhardt / 4 min / Denmark / 2011

A late night driver’s collision with a deer in the headlights takes a strange turn in this painterly 3D animation.

Experimental about Society in
Kelly Sears / 8 min / USA / 2011

The mysterious events at a 1970′s high school are revealed between the pages of an old yearbook in this animation from collage veteran, Kelly Sears.

Satire about Revenge in Live-Action
Kris Moyes / 10 min / Australia / 2011

An over-the-top bloody romp of fashion by Australian Kris Moyes for the label Romance was Born.

Experimental about Innocence in Puppetry
Christian Simmons / 3 min / USA / 2011

A girl finds a mysterious oversized pencil with a creepy grin that can bring anything she draws to life. What can go wrong?

Thriller about Crime in Animation

Set on a train, a passenger let’s his worries get the best of him.

Experimental about Love in Mixed Media
Ben Thomas, Leo Bridle / 4 min / UK / 2011

The story of a solitary traveller who dreams of his own romantic encounter at the station through the images laid out on the pages of his sketchbook.

Drama about Humanity in Live-Action
Dominic Allen / 4 min / Australia / 2011

Suspense builds as a bystander watches two running men and contemplates the motivations of the scene in this short from aboriginal Australia.

Documentary about Society in Found Footage
Kirby Ferguson / 7 min / USA / 2011

Good artists copy—great artists steal. How everything from music to movies is influenced, based on, or derivative of previous genius.

Documentary about Humanity in Live-Action
James Lees / 10 min / UK / 2011

Holding a secret you can’t share? A few guilty souls called a toll free number to leave these anonymous messages.

Experimental about Humanity in Live-Action
Christian Weber / 9 min / USA / 2010

An experimental look at the beautiful juxtaposition of technology and the body.

Drama about Family in Live-Action
Chris Dundon / 18 min / UK / 2010

A teenager learns to cope socially with his brothers’ disability.

Experimental about Inspiration in 3D Animation
Michal Levy / 5 min / Israel / 2010

A visual journey into music, jazz is interpreted across a rich and colorful animated landscape.

Experimental about Inspiration in 3D Animation
Eran Hilleli / 5 min / Israel / 2010

Animated minimalism is used to maximum effect in this gorgeous and bizarre short student work from Israel.

Drama about The End in Live-Action
Lucas Krost / 9 min / USA / 2010

A “48 hour film competition” entry of precocious quality, a young woman must escape a city under attack by a lethal virus.

Music Video about Conquest in Live-Action
Romain Gavras / 9 min / USA / 2010

Uniformed troops are rounding up red-headed kids for genocidal purposes in this stark and controversial music video for celebrated recording artist M.I.A (warning: explicit).

Comedy about Love in Live-Action
Luke Snellin / 3 min / UK / 2010

Music is the shortcut into your crush’s heart in this short and sweet BAFTA nominee.

Drama about Abuse in Live-Action
Rob Brown / 12 min / UK / 2010

A short film about Anya, a female sex trafficker who faces a moral dilemma when she discovers that the young girl that she is trafficking from Lithuania to London is pregnant.

Experimental about Abuse in Animation
Stephen Irwin / 3 min / UK / 2009

Tragic story of a dog’s trail through abusive owners told through a series of cascading flip books.

Thriller about Survival in Live-Action
Takashi Doscher, Alex Shofner / 6 min / USA / 2009

A quick pit stop turns deadly for a rookie cop.

Music Video about Love in Special FX
Chris Milk / 3 min / USA / 2009

A harsh breakup served up with a side of brutal honesty and a walking, singing heart that will have you saying, “That’s so true.”

Comedy about Love in 3D Animation

Two star-crossed octopuses put their tentacles on the line to save each other from a tasty demise.

Fantasy about Family in Animation
Laurie J Proud / 5 min / UK / 2009

A girl from a strange family falls prey to her doppelgänger in this surreal animation that resulted from a collaborative script by John Malkovich for Sony.

Experimental about Love in Special FX
CISMA (Denis Kamioka) / 7 min / Brazil / 2009

This surreal, design-inspired film, blends live-action and animation to illustrate the emotions of new love and heartbreak.

Music Video about Other Worlds in Puppetry
Mitch Stratten / 4 min / South Africa / 2009

Peek into the bizarre world of South African musician, Nodern, where rabid puppets run rampant through open fields.