Short of the Week

Short of the Week

Short of the Week has been serving up epic bite-sized films to millions of filmmakers and fans since 2007. We seek to discover and promote the greatest and most innovative storytellers from around the world.

We Believe

We believe short films are at the center of innovative storytelling. New ideas, new techniques and new directors first make their mark in the filmmaker's playground that is short form cinema.

We believe the web will change everything. If short films are a filmmaker's playground, then the web is an open field. We'll see new ways to make stories through DSLRs, crowdsourcing and crowdfunding as well as new formats for telling stories like web series, branded films, and interactive films.

Above all, we believe in the magic of stories. Though the techniques have changed over time (from cave paintings to 3D), we believe in the power of stories to illuminate and find meaning in this complex world.

The Team


We're based in New York with contributors in Los Angeles, Seattle, London, Austria, and elsewhere.

For general questions

info [at] shortoftheweek [dot] com

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Short of the Week founders, Andrew and Jason, are available for talks or panels on the role of short films and the evolving landscape of online entertainment. Contact us for availability.


How do I submit a film?

Read and follow our submission guidelines. Submit a Film

Where can I get this WordPress theme?

The site is built on a custom theme designed and built specifically for Short of the Week. It's currently for sale for $1 million.