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Tribeca Film Festival

Festival Tribeca / April 22, 2011

Tribeca’s (Online) Film Festival this year is quite extensive: 6 feature films, 9 in-competition shorts and these—9 “retro” shorts from the festival’s past, all available for free! We’ll cover…

Festival Tribeca / April 27, 2011

This is the second part of our coverage of the 9 in-competition short films Tribeca (Online) has made available, and the 3rd (and last) post overall in our coverage…

Festival Tribeca / April 24, 2011

Friday I reviewed the 9 retrospective short films available to watch for free in the Tribeca Streaming Room. They underwhelmed me, which I found odd—shouldn’t the program have been…

Festival Tribeca / April 18, 2011

It is April 18th, the first day in which you can make reservations via Tribeca’s new online distribution system in order to “virtually attend” the screenings of 9 new…

Festival Tribeca / May 4, 2011

The Tribeca Film Fest is over, and the majority of the shorts we featured last week are no longer available. As a parting gift however, the festival has made…

Festival Online Program Tribeca / April 19, 2012

Yesterday kicked off the 3rd year that the NYC-based Film Festival presented an online component for viewers at home. Last year we gave you full coverage of over many short…

Romance about Love in Animation
Emily Carmichael / 9 min / USA / 2013

Two 8-bit video game characters enter the world of online dating and forge an unlikely romance.

Festival Online Program Web Competition / June 16, 2011

Palm Springs! We are very close to the arrival of North America’s most important film festival dedicated to shorts. I know not everybody follows the festival scene, and I…

Sci-Fi about Love in Live-Action
Shawn Christensen / 9 min / USA / 2011

Jeremy has been in love with his best friend, Evelyn, since before he can remember. He decides to profess his love for her through a simple, thoughtful letter… but there’s a strong chance they will never see each other again.

Festival / March 25, 2011

Its been a couple of days since Andrew’s article detailing the path we took in putting our short film The Thomas Beale Cipher online. Some folks have taken it as…

Interview / February 8, 2012

Our Award-winners take a seat at our “virtual” roundtable and offer up their thoughts on what it means to be a filmmakers today. Plus, learn about what they’re planning next.

News / March 11, 2011

As the SXSW Film Festival gears up this weekend, regular SOTW contributor, Jason B Kohl, sat down with two filmmakers from UCLA’s MFA Directing Program en route to Austin. Their…

Branded Content Branded Film Online Program Web Competition / June 28, 2011

Sunday night at the Edinburgh Film Festival, the much-promoted Nokia Shorts Competition drew to a close with the debut screening of the 8 finalist films. Shot entirely on Nokia…

Poem about Life & Society in Live-Action
Jason van Genderen / 4 min / Australia / 2008

Shot by cell-phone on the streets of New York and Sydney, Mankind is no Island stitches together words from posters, displays and street signs—to create a poem of breathtaking beauty and emotion.

Thriller about Redemption in Live-Action
James W. Griffiths / 7 min / UK / 2013

The contents of a mysterious box leads a convict to attempt an extraordinary prison escape.

Dark Comedy about Family in Live-Action
Andrew Napier / 9 min / USA / 2014

Three siblings plot to steal their Grandmother’s fortune, without realizing that Grandma has a plot of her own.

Dramedy about Childhood in Live-Action
Suzi Yoonessi / 11 min / USA / 2011

A look into the summer dramas in the lives of the less popular kids.

Sci-Fi about Revenge in Live-Action
Michael Spiccia / 13 min / Australia / 2014

A girl with a secret past comes out of hiding and is forced to take on the town bullies with the thing she fears most – herself.

Dark Comedy about Desperation in Live-Action
Chris Modoono / 17 min / USA / 2012

It’s a dark day in the life of Ethan Collins, a severely depressed, foul-mouthed elementary school teacher whose wife’s recent infidelity and departure have left him questioning everything in his life.

Romance about The End in Live-Action
Dylan Allen / 16 min / USA / 2014

Even heroes have to do laundry sometimes.

Documentary about Community in Live-Action
Sean Dunne / 8 min / USA / 2013

“A whole lot of bikes, a whole lot of fun”…welcome to Black Bike Week.

Thriller about Perseverence in Live-Action
Todd Wiseman Jr. / 9 min / USA / 2014

In 2021, an imprisoned journalist facing execution contemplates a desperate escape attempt in order to return to his wife and newborn child.