Short of the Week

The Voices Project

Poem about Beauty in Live-Action
Damion Power / 11 min / Australia / 2012

16 year old Adam cruelly teases a classmate. When he seeks her out to apologise, she has quite different plans for him. Years later, when least expected, the memory of this event comes back to haunt Adam.

Drama about Love in Live-Action

After a night with the girl of his dreams, Michael has a story to tell. And a favour to ask.

Interview / August 2, 2011

Yesterday’s feature review was Hands Solo, a wicked funny mockumentary about a deaf porn star and the girl who got away. I caught up with the director, William Mager over…

Adventure about Humanity in Animation
Dylan White / 3 min / UK / 2011

A son recounts the legend of his father, an avid hunter whose collection lacked only one mythical beast…

Interview / February 13, 2013

Winners of the SOTW Awards 2013 New Media category sit down to discuss the importance of story and the need for funding in this roundtable discussion about the future of the industry.

Documentary about Humanity in Live-Action
James Lees / 10 min / UK / 2011

Holding a secret you can’t share? A few guilty souls called a toll free number to leave these anonymous messages.

Dark Comedy about Innocence in Stop-Motion
Ainslie Henderson / 7 min / UK / 2014

A surreal trip through the subconscious of a stifled musician as he struggles to sing.

Interview / February 11, 2013

SOTW Awards 2013 Animation winners discuss the future of the animation industry—their experiences and their thoughts on how shorts are leading the charge for innovation.

Sci-Fi about Other Worlds in Live-Action
Chris Caldwell, Zeek Earl / 13 min / USA / 2014

Alone on a foreign world a father and daughter must fend for themselves in place without law.

News / August 8, 2011

The Atlantic Magazine, esteemed general interest rag for the policy-elite, has extended its sights to internet video. Late last week saw the launch of a curatorial venture on the magazine’s…

Fantasy about Family in Animation
Laurie J Proud / 5 min / UK / 2009

A girl from a strange family falls prey to her doppelgänger in this surreal animation that resulted from a collaborative script by John Malkovich for Sony.

Horror about Conspiracy in Mixed Media

A spooky mystery is teased out of a single photograph, in this suspenseful animation nominated for Canada’s Genie award in 2009.