Short of the Week

Harmony Korine

Experimental about Nothing in Live-Action
Harmony Korine / 15 min / USA / 2011

Harmony Korine & Die Antwoord team up for this bizarre film that follows the antics of two wheelchair-bound rapscallions.

Playlist / February 7, 2012

As you might have noticed, this year we dispense with what has our been our traditional year-in-review Top Ten list (examples here) in order to highlight even more quality…

Playlist / January 31, 2012

Best Documentary
With technology giving a platform to hordes of tenacious, DSLR-wielding documentarians, the short doc has never been more popular, or so mind-numbingly repetitive. But, just when you…

Comedy about Growth in Live-Action
Tim and Eric / 14 min / USA / 2011

TV’s Tim and Eric descended upon Sundance 2011 with this, a short film of unbridled crudity.

Interview / March 25, 2008

Tom Stern talks to us about the concept and inspiration for his film, The Autobiography of Tom Stern: Chapter Six, The New Science.

Documentary about Music in Live-Action
Sean Dunne / 23 min / USA / 2011

A look into the culture of Insane Clown Posse fans who attend the annual Gathering with a shared love for cheap partying, a sense of family, and escape from dysfunctional lives.