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Future You

Branded Content News / February 8, 2011

My particular bent is to render an optimistic future because we are rehearsing for our own future—why not do it as pleasantly as possible? —Syd Mead
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Sci-Fi about Life & Society in Live-Action
K-Michel Parandi / 12 min / USA / 2013

Squads of privatized police officers from various corporations walk the streets of New York, selling overpriced protection plans to citizens.

Branded Content News / February 1, 2011

BMW is of course no stranger to short film, they set the standard for branded short filmmaking with their amazing The Hire series in 2001 and 2002. They are…

Interview / April 8, 2009

AJ Bond, director of the Gut Check winning film, Hirsute, talks about Back to the Future and his “Many Martys” theory.

Interview / February 8, 2012

Our Award-winners take a seat at our “virtual” roundtable and offer up their thoughts on what it means to be a filmmakers today. Plus, learn about what they’re planning next.

Interview / February 12, 2013

Short of the Week is about more than just highlighting the best in bite-sized narratives—it’s also about fostering a dialogue amongst the innovative creators telling earth-shattering stories in new and…

Drama about Life & Society in 3D Animation
Matthias Hoegg / 7 min / UK / 2011

In the future, technology may change, but the patterns and routines of daily life stay constant—until we disrupt them.

Festival Web Competition / June 16, 2011

Palm Springs! We are very close to the arrival of North America’s most important film festival dedicated to shorts. I know not everybody follows the festival scene, and I…

Interview / February 11, 2013

SOTW Awards 2013 Animation winners discuss the future of the animation industry—their experiences and their thoughts on how shorts are leading the charge for innovation.

Sci-Fi about Growth in Live-Action
A.J. Bond / 14 min / Canada / 2009

A young time traveler is confronted by an arrogant and hairless future version of himself—the winner of Short of the Week’s Gut Check Competition.

Sci-Fi about Redemption in Special FX
Axel Ricke / 29 min / Germany / 2010

In a bleak future, a lost soul seeks desperate measures to escape his luck. The punishment if caught? Years spent locked up in his own personal nightmare.

Interview / August 2, 2011

Yesterday’s feature review was Hands Solo, a wicked funny mockumentary about a deaf porn star and the girl who got away. I caught up with the director, William Mager over…

Interview / February 13, 2013

Winners of the SOTW Awards 2013 New Media category sit down to discuss the importance of story and the need for funding in this roundtable discussion about the future of the industry.

Sci-Fi about Family in Live-Action
Stuart Willis / 18 min / Australia / 2012

Set in a dystopian future where the lower classes are left on Earth with only a space elevator that connects them with the possibilities of a better life.

Sci-Fi about Sexuality in Live-Action
Connor Hurley / 12 min / USA / 2014

A gay man living in a genetically modified society is given the chance to alter his sexuality.

Interview / March 11, 2014

With science fiction story-lines and topics of sexuality proving to be big discussion starters here on Short of the Week, it would have seemed like an opportunity missed if we didn’t speak…

Sci-Fi about Desperation in Live-Action
Christian Swegal / 23 min / USA / 2010

A soldier has to piece together the memories of his past when an injury leaves him with amnesia.

Branded Film News / February 15, 2011

3rd of this 4 part BMW series debuts today, titled “Reinventing Mobility”. In this installment our crew of talking heads gets a little more concrete about what we can…

Branded Content News / February 22, 2011

The concluding chapter of  BMW’s branded documentary experiment which I’m posting a day late. Apologies, I know you must be simply FURIOUS with me!
No, really, if you’ve been…

Sci-Fi about Love in Animation
Andreas Salaff / 6 min / USA / 2010

70′s-era hand-drawn animation about an aging inventor’s struggle to find his way home.

Thriller about Desperation in Live-Action
J.R. Robinson / 15 min / USA / 2008

In this post-apocalypic world, only two people have survived—too bad they don’t get along.

Sci-Fi about Identity in Live-Action
Simon Bovey / 8 min / UK / 2010

Beam me up! Transporters are a reality in this spare, realistic sci-fi short. However they are not perfect, as one man is about to find out.

Adventure about Other Worlds in 3D Animation
Loïc Bramoullé / 6 min / France / 2014

A tiny and mysterious cat-like creature awakes in the remains of his smouldering spaceship and finds himself on a journey through a beautiful and dangerous world, in a quest for answers.

Adventure about Loss in 3D Animation
Marc Craste / 13 min / UK / 2009

Love traverses all obstacles in this award-winning animation about a circus performer and a lone admirer who hopes to free her.

Sci-Fi about Love in Live-Action
Elisha Yaffe, Bo Mirosseni / 9 min / USA / 2014

A new couple are about to get romantic when they are interrupted by the guy’s future self.