Short of the Week

Emily Carmichael

Interview Sundance / February 4, 2011

Yesterday’s post, Sundance Short Films: Program 5, was the last batch of new 2011 Sundance films to come online, however we rageā€”rage I say! against the dying of Sundance-related content.…

Romance about Love in Animation
Emily Carmichael / 9 min / USA / 2013

Two 8-bit video game characters enter the world of online dating and forge an unlikely romance.

Festival / February 3, 2011

Sundance is over, and with this, the last batch of 2011 Sundance short films released to the Screening Room, this unique collaboration between the most prestigious North American festival and…

Epic about Nature in Stop-Motion
Daniel Bird, Ben Richardson / 11 min / UK / 2011

An egg and an apple build competing broadcast towers that vie for the attention of a transistor radio. With its complex characterization and narrative of animal evolution, competition and reproduction, SEED is a beautiful and sinister stop-motion story about the struggle to survive.