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Andrew Young

Interview / February 13, 2013

Winners of the SOTW Awards 2013 New Media category sit down to discuss the importance of story and the need for funding in this roundtable discussion about the future of the industry.

SOTW / January 14, 2013

We are excited to announce the official Short of the Week Awards 2013 nominees! We’ve nominated the top 10 films in each of our three categories—Animation, Live-Action, and New Media—as…

Dark Comedy about Family in Live-Action
Andrew Napier / 9 min / USA / 2014

Three siblings plot to steal their Grandmother’s fortune, without realizing that Grandma has a plot of her own.

Festival Online Program / August 23, 2012

Part 1 coverage of The Wrap’s debut online short film festival.
Knowing Chris Kezelos from his film Zero, a favorite of both Andrew and I, we were certainly excited…

Drama about Loss in Live-Action
Andrew Renzi / 13 min / USA / 2013

On a night out in New York City, a young man avoids his problems.

Festival News / January 22, 2013

A cherished tradition, every year Sundance releases a selection of short films from their competition lineup onto the internet for the duration of the fest. It is an excellent way…

Interview / January 21, 2011

Yesterday marked the debut online of 2011 Sundance Competition short films, and in that first batch of 4 films we were treated to the World Premiere of New York-based…

SOTW / March 4, 2014

From the hundreds of thousands of films released online last year to the 200+ we featured on Short of the Week to the 30 nominees and now to 9 winners…

Action about Crime in Live-Action
Andrew Young / 15 min / USA / 2009

Our hero faces danger and dames in this classic crime-fighter archetype.

Festival Online Program / January 20, 2012

Part 2 of our coverage of Sundance’s 2012 online short film offering via Yahoo! Screen.

Festival Online Program / August 24, 2012

No preamble, if you want to learn more about this fantastic online competition, check out the first half of our coverage from yesterday. Again, due to embedding restrictions, please…

Drama about Family in Live-Action
Corrie Jones / 17 min / Australia / 2010

Things get tense as a young boy struggles to accept his father’s disability.

Romance about Love in Live-Action
Josh Soskin / 11 min / USA / 2012

An ambitious mover is blindsided when he discovers that one of the pieces of furniture left behind for him is a suicidal daughter with 20 minutes left to live.

Thriller about Conspiracy in Live-Action
Andrew McDonald, Marko Slavnic / 4 min / USA / 2011

An innocent dinner takes a turn when a listens in on the conversation in this thrilling yet charming story.

SOTW / November 9, 2011

I’ve got some big news to share which is exciting for me personally, (evidenced by the post title), but which should be positive for the site and, by turn, you…

about in
/ USA / 2009


Hulu » The best in the West.
QOOB » A provider that not only plays host to some quality shorts but also commissions work to be screened on their…

SOTW / February 26, 2014

What’s your trigger? We all have one. That one topic that whenever portrayed in film or described in stories instantly awakens intense emotions within you. From grieving parents to sacrifices…