Short of the Week

Aardman Animation

Comedy about Nothing in 3D Animation
Peter Peake / 4 min / UK / 2011

When talented directors at the famous Aardman Animations studio are given free reign, they come up with crazy stories like this one about a dinosaur who’s good at math.

Interview / March 3, 2008

A quick interview with Luis Cook, director of The Pearce Sisters, about the inspiration for the film, the animation process, and his favorite websites.

Experimental about Transformation in Stop-Motion
Aardman Animation / 2 min / UK / 2011

The “World’s Largest Stop Motion” Gulp is Aardman Animation and Nokia’s followup to the hit branded film “Dot”.

Dark Comedy about Family in 3D Animation
Luis Cook / 9 min / UK / 2008

Aardman Animations takes on this bleak-hearted tale of two isolated sisters in this gritty film that successfully combines multiple genres and animation styles.

Experimental about Other Worlds in Stop-Motion
Allison Schulnik / 8 min / USA / 2014

A rhythmic ritual is performed by a bizarre ensemble of macabre figures.

Branded Content Festival News Web Competition / June 28, 2011

Sunday night at the Edinburgh Film Festival, the much-promoted Nokia Shorts Competition drew to a close with the debut screening of the 8 finalist films. Shot entirely on Nokia…