Short of the Week

Big Day

Experience nostalgia and nervous anticipation as these Norwegian girls say goodbye to the good times and anxiously await their uncertain futures at the end of the school year in this music video for Norwegian electronica artist, Torgny.

There’s this feeling that’s hard to describe—a combination of happiness and melancholy. I like to call it the “Sunday evening feeling.” The weekend is over, and you may have been out with friends, had some friendly or romantic interactions, and in general lived new experiences. And yet on Sunday evening, you feel a bit of loneliness not belonging, and it doesn’t matter how many people are around you. You’ve reached an endpoint. The next day a new week will begin with new opportunities. You’re anxious to wake up the next day and start over, but you want to hang on to this moment for as long as you can.

This is the kind of feeling I get from Torgny’s music video Big Day. The song itself has this vibe of nostalgia mixed with nervous anticipation that captures this feel-good melancholy like no other.

The video on the other hand, obviously shot on some kind of DSLR camera and therefore maybe relying too much on it’s aesthetics, adds more power to the song making it more than a music video. It’s like a musical without the characters actually singing the songs or maybe a plain narrative that just happens to come with a whole song as it’s score.

The girls in the video are celebrating, and this kind of drinking on the street is a common ritual for Scandanavian kids when they finish school (I’ve been told). They have their whole future right in front of them and just want to have a good time before reality sets in, as it inevitably does, just as the unavoidable hangover after a night of heavy drinking. Like our Sunday evenings, the girls had their fun. Now, as the song says, “Here comes your future with the weight of ancient danger”.

Georg Csarmann is a filmmaker, media academic and writer based in Vienna, Austria. Grounded in his own creative work as well as his experience as a curator and his enthusiasm for the moving image, Georg dedicated his main focus to the possibilities of expression for independent content creators.
  • Patrick Zimmerman

    Stupid drinking and spastic jumping around. Pitiful. Very pitiful.

  • Andrew S Allen

    Wasn’t stunned about the music video, but I like your take on it Georg.

  • John Ninjasmoke

    Not impressed. 

  • koray

    Familiar  Northern amusements,sentetic only