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Robots of Brixton

Architecture student Kibwe Taveres filters a vision of a robot uprising through the lens of history, blending high grade CG with archival footage of the 1981 Brixton riots.

An eye-candy-coated exterior with the center of an experimental film, that is architectural student Kibwe Tavares’ Robots of Brixton, a new 6 minute piece that has just shown up on Vimeo. Imagining the much-dreaded robot uprising, Tavares filters this genre staple through the lens of history, recreating and often combining actual footage of the famous 1981 Brixton riots with his animation. Narratively the film is sparse, but the message speaks volumes, making it one of the more enjoyable, and original sci-fi shorts of recent years.

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  • Daniel Bottoms

    This is one of the most intelligent short films I’ve ever seen. The mechanics and emotions of violence transcend era,culture or race. In this format the reckless futility of a riot is as bear as a robot skeleton.
    The diffusion in the camera work was technically noteworthy. depth was added to scenes that could have looked flat and cartoonish.Thanks for this find Jason.

  • Felonious Punk

    I agree, Jason, although I didn’t think I was going to like this. I don’t usually go in for sci-fi, machinistic stuff, but like you said this kind of commented on and justified its sci-fi, post-apocalyptic setting, making it contemporary, or even history-minded. Oh, and the visuals are what kept me watching through the end. Nice!

  • Folami B

    This is a great animation. not just to do with the techniques, technology and aesthetics, but also the social commentary and references to events that still resonate with people today. I grew up in the community of Brixton portrayed here and I think it’s fantastic!!!