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Welcome to Pine Point

A remarkable interactive media experience about a town that’s no longer on the map, but is not forgotten.

Though it’s been out for a while, NFB’s interactive documentary, Welcome to Pine Point, certainly deserves more recognition.

It’s a story about an abandoned Canadian mining town that sprang up from nowhere, existed for a generation, and then was completely erased from the face of the earth. It tells of the profound impact the town had on a generation of children and neighbors who now feel as if their origins were somehow all a dream. Pine Point is a place that now exists only in memories—memories that tend to erase the bad. It’s become a utopia, a bittersweet home they can never return to.

Welcome to Pine Point is a part of NFB/Interactive—a great collection of interactive stories from Canadian perspectives. Interactive storytelling is still in its infancy and more often than not mishandled. But Welcome toPine Point represents itself beautifully as a scrapbook of yearbook photos, film footage, interviews, and a haunting soundtrack. Thanks to the care taken by its creators, The Goggles (Paul Shoebridge & Michael Simons), the end result is one of the more touching documentaries you’ll experience in a long time.


Andrew makes no attempt to hide his love for the magic art of animation. He appreciates compelling visuals but never forgets that in this modern age, a strong story always reigns supreme. You can see his work at or his latest film The Thomas Beale Cipher.
  • Anonymous

    Come on guys!
    This is BORING. I watched until day-2 and there is no video. The pictures are static and crap. Why make this as ‘short’? This is AUDIO only.
    Did I miss something or this is some kind of artsy crap?

    Amazing. Could not find anything better? Eh?

  • Andrew S Allen

    Some issue with our lightbox and the NFB’s link structure had our Play link directing to a different film. 
    Try this on: