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2011 TROPFEST Australia

Festival / February 20, 2011

The 2011 Movie Extra Tropfest short film festival took place today in Australia, and of the 16 films, Animal Beatbox by Damon Gameau was declared the winner.

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Click to Watch "Animal Beatbox"

The field was strong this year, with Joel Edgerton of the Blue-Tongue Collective represented for his film Monkeys, as well Mankind is No Island filmmaker and prior winner of Tropfest New York, Jason Van Genderen for The Unspoken. However Animal Beatbox thrilled the audience and celebrity judges alike, with its lo-fi and charming stop-motion ways.

We’ve covered Tropfest for the last few years in both its Australian and New York editions, however it is the Australian edition that is  the most notable for the sheer reach and enthusiasm it generates in its native country. Over 150,000 people comes out to view the films in various locations on gigantic outdoor screens. Hundreds of thousands more watch along at home of TV’s and for anyone that missed it, DVD’s of all the finalists will be distributed in the Sydney Morning Herald on the 26th.

Congrats to all the finalists and especially to Mr. Gameau for the win. It is a gimmicky work, but damn! what a gimmick! I’ve seen it 3 times in the past 15 minutes. Hilarious.

Watch the 2011 Finalists in a playlist on: Tropfest’s YouTube Channel

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  • Jason Sondhi

    I haven’t gotten a chance to see all these yet, so if you do sit down with a couple of them, your reactions would be much appreciated.

  • Angela Bell
  • Jason Sondhi

    Thanks Angela. I’ve been monitoring the buzz on Twitter and the vibe is pretty negative for the Animal Beatbox. Lot’s of incredulous people going “THAT, won!?!”.

    Your point emerged yesterday too, the idea that the concept was actually a ripoff, so thanks for the links.

    My feeling is that it diminishes it slightly if the filmmakers are aware of other attempts, but at least they executed it better.

  • http://- Hans J. Eiðisgarð

    I think Animal Beatbox was fun to watch, but it’s not a worthy winner. Although I’ve only seen seven of the films so far, there are two other films I would have picked before Animal Beatbox.

    Personally I liked The Unspoken best, but Focus is also really good.

    Animal Beatbox ***—
    Silencer **—-
    The Applicant *—–
    Things to Do ***—
    Y2Gay ***—
    Focus ****–
    The Unspoken *****-

  • Jason Sondhi

    Only about half-way through the program myself. The Unspoken is good, but I don’t begrudge the jury going for something fun rather than somber. Besides I like “Mankind is no Island” by the same director better.

    Watch “Maestro” though, it combines time-lapse and live-action narrative in an inventive and visually dramatic way.

  • http://- Hans J. Eiðisgarð

    Agree, Maestro looks fantastic.

  • busyj

    Apart from the fact that A Desperate Deed was a blatant ripoff –

    Animal beatbox beating out fine work like The Maestro and Unspoken is a real shame. let’s see what happens next year.