Short of the Week

Omar and His Skyhook

A young boy dreams or rather wakes and then rides his way into the clouds.

Doug Purver out of NYC runs a one-man production outfit called RoadNorth. This film was shot for Psst!3, but evolved into this 3 min gem about a boy fishing in the sky. Heavy with the post-production trickery, you can see some behind the scenes footage at Roadnorth’s Vimeo account, and a writeup at CG Society. The film is light on story and I’m not too wild about the silent-film motif, but when the boy gets above the clouds, your eyeballs are treated to some lovely imagery. Would LOVE to see a Little Nemo movie that captured this same style of nostalgic fantasy.

Co-Founder of Short of the Week, Sondhi lives in Brooklyn working as a Curator for Vimeo. Follow his musings on online video, direct distribution and branded content: @jasondhi.
  • Daniel Bottoms

    I like the nostalgia silent film look of this.Lumiere would be jealous of the technical flow he could not get back in the silent era.Beautiful!