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The Crisis of Credit Visualized

Millions have turned to this film to understand the complexities of the economic recession explained in the simplest form.

Vimeo looks like it might be joining Twitter in the mainstream limelight, as this Slate article could portend a coming zeitgeist for our beloved video site. Hopefully Vimeo can maintain its quality and community feel, though with this video, The Crisis of Credit Visualized, burning up the site to the tune of 1.5 million views in just 2 months online, the argument can be made that Vimeo has already blown up.

Farhad Manjoo makes some fine selections in the article and picked off this one from my review queue. Since I keep up on this financial stuff quite a bit, I’m always having a lot of my friends asking me to explain the roots of what’s going on. For the last couple of weeks I’ve just been pointing them to this video. Congratulations to Jonathan Jarvis for the success it’s had, but mostly we should thank him for performing an invaluable public service.

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  • Ian Lumsden

    Interesting article as well as video. Vimeo is much more attractive visually than YouTube, has a better quality of playback and attracts less of the junk material. The comparison between viewing figures noted by the article is revealing.

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