Short of the Week


Playlist / December 28, 2008

Our favorite short films from 2009.

Drama about Life & Society in Live-Action
Lars Henning / 12 min / Germany / 2008

Catching a pretty young shoplifter, a security guard must choose between compassion and what is right.

Film Noir about Crime in Live-Action
Vincent Bal / 10 min / Belgium / 2008

A Christmas classic, this hilarious comedy is a loving ode to film noir, full of murder, love triangles and double-crosses.

SOTW / December 8, 2008

Hey Readers, I’d like to invite everyone to take an active role in Short of the Week by telling us what you’d like to see in our redesign of the…

Poem about Nature in Animation
Juan Delcan / 3 min / USA / 2008

This chillingly simple animation of Gabor Barabas poem “The Spider” cracks into the depths of the human cycle in a sharp three minutes. The Spider shows us the contradictions of life—love and death, beauty and indifference.

Dark Comedy about Family in Live-Action
Larry Ziegelman / 5 min / USA / 2008

Introducing your new lady to your parents can be an interesting experience — or it can be awkward, painfully intense and totally uncalled-for. Thanks, Dad!

Drama about Loss in Animation
Ian Mackinnon / 7 min / UK / 2008

Love inspires, but the fear of losing love causes an animator to obsessively record the moments he and his love share. An innovative mix of live-action and flipbook animation.

Drama about Loss in Live-Action
Daryl Wein / 11 min / USA / 2008

A young woman refuses to acknowledge her grief over her mom’s cancer until she meets someone on the street who may understand. Or maybe what he wants is more sinister.

Fantasy about Nature in Animation
Heui Won Jeong, Justin Murphy / 8 min / USA / 2008

A gorgeous experimental animation, JumpTrumpRumpBump brings together recycling, a little girl, escaped convict animals and Jazz.

Drama about Abuse in Live-Action
Simon Ellis / 13 min / UK / 2008

Disturbing look at the frustrations of a man and son against nameless aggression.

Satire about Politics in Flash Animation
David Rees / 2 min / USA / 2008

The cult-fave comic strip brings its biting political satire to the web in bite-sized installments.

Adventure about Life & Society in Live-Action
Scott Ingalls, Ford Austin / 5 min / USA / 2008

Rollicking period-spoof tells the untold tales of the Wright Brothers—airplane inventors and adventurers extraordinaire! First ep of a series.

Drama about Family in Animation
Caroline Leaf / 10 min / Canada / 2008

The isolated world of two sisters is shattered when a visitor arrives to their island threatening to break their discordant harmony.

Drama about Nothing in Live-Action
Bernardo Dutra, Manitou Felipe / 15 min / Brazil / 2008

Ever find yourself so wrapped up in a film that you feel as through you’ve become a part of the plot? Watch obsession turn into a story of its own.

Poem about Life & Society in Live-Action
Jason van Genderen / 4 min / Australia / 2008

Shot by cell-phone on the streets of New York and Sydney, Mankind is no Island stitches together words from posters, displays and street signs—to create a poem of breathtaking beauty and emotion.

Branded Film about Love in Anime
Kazuto Nakazawa / 1 min / Japan / 2008

A splendid 60 second tale of love and loss showcasing cutting-edge anime techniques by the director of the Kill Bill animated sequence

Action about Love in 3D Animation
Alex Weil / 9 min / USA / 2008

This pro-level CG animation revolves around the remarkable romance of a scrappy street rat and a lovely lab rat, with plenty of action inbetween. However it is done in a decidedly un-Pixar way.

SOTW / September 16, 2008

As you may have noticed, SotW has been, well, a little less than weekly of late. This is mostly due to my shoddy management of the site while our main…

Drama about Inspiration in Stop-Motion
Mark Osborne / 7 min / USA / 2008

Stop-Motion film of great beauty tells the story of a young inventor as he deals with the corrupting influences of Capitalism, and examines the source of joy and inspiration.

Adventure about Redemption in Live-Action
Ray Tintori / 6 min / USA / 2008

A man serially obsessed with faking his own death, sires a son who destroys most of the world, but this son, along with his wife, (the greatest swordsperson in the world), rise up against the totalitarian regime that’s emerges from the wreckage. It sounds like a mess, but its good!

Comedy about Love in Live-Action
Devi Snively / 7 min / USA / 2008

Possibly “the finest low-budget vampire beach movie of all time.”

Comedy about Love in Animation
Marta Mackova / 5 min / Czech Republic / 2008

In this minimalistic animation out of the Czech Republic, a young lady indulges in the joys of people-watching at an outdoor café, but she is being watched too.

Experimental about Nothing in Live-Action
Igor Zimmermann / 2 min / Czech Republic / 2008

Gorgeous images grace this mood piece, created for the runway of Beckmans fashion designer Sarah Törnqvist

Dark Comedy about Other Worlds in 3D Animation
Ruairi Robinson / 3 min / Ireland / 2008

What happens after death? A soldier is about to find out, in this 3-d animation that was nominated for an Oscar in 2002.

Dramedy about Growth in Live-Action

A young woman (Selma Blair) becomes a medical oddity when it is discovered that she is “empty”. She struggles with that emptiness, but can anyone help her?