Short of the Week


Experimental about Inspiration in Animation
Jacques Drouin / 7 min / Canada / 2007

An NFB classic that uses the rare form of animation known as Pinscreen. An artist, is absorbed into his painting, leading him on surreal exploration of the mind.

Dark Comedy about Love in Animation
Don Hertzfeldt / 3 min / USA / 2007

The genesis of the Don Hertzfeld cult is this beloved stick-figure animation of an earnest guy who is consistently struck down by unsympathetic women.

Thriller about Conquest in Animation
Patrick Smith / 6 min / USA / 2007

A friendly, handmade puppet takes on a life of its own in this horrific hand-drawn animation by Patrick Smith.

Experimental about Politics in Stop-Motion

From post-communist Germany comes this remarkable social experiment that serves as an allegory in explaining the fall of Soviet communism—all without uttering a single word.

Drama about Transformation in Animation
Thomas Leung / 4 min / USA / 2007

Often we can’t appreciate something so close to us until it’s taken from us—such is the case in this film when as a young boy, Thomas, temporarily loses his sight.

Comedy about Greed in Live-Action
J J Keith / 18 min / UK / 2007

OFFLINE – Quirky British comedy about a crook who finds himself trapped in the home of a person away on holiday.

Adventure about Conquest in Anime
Hayao Miyazaki / 7 min / Japan / 2007

The brilliant Miyazaki brings to life a beautiful story of two small heroes and their pursuit to free a young angelic girl.

Interview / November 6, 2007

A Q&A with animator, Tony Comley about his film, Abigail, inspiration for work, and upcoming projects.

Drama about Loss in
Tony Comley / 7 min / UK / 2007

Fluid collection of thoughts and moments strung together around the theme of desperately searching for something you’ve lost—all while on a plane that is nose-diving.

Thriller about The Mind in Live-Action
Trevor Sands / 8 min / USA / 2007

This doctor has her work cut out for her as she struggles to resolve the conflicting voices inside the chaotic mind of a patient with multiple-personalities.

Documentary about Politics in Live-Action
Jonás Cuarón / 7 min / USA / 2007

“Literary trailer” for the book by the same name, this short, produced by “Children of Men” director Alfonso Cuarón, mixes archival footage as well nifty motion graphics to dramatize the book’s thesis.

about The Mind in Performance
Nieto / 5 min / France / 2007

A fun experiment in live entertainment with a surprise that more than pays off the slow buildup.

Dramedy about Love in Live-Action
Wes Anderson / 13 min / USA / 2007

Wes Anderson gives us a glimpse into the dysfunctional relationship between a hotel hermit and his ex-girlfriend served up with Anderson’s no lack of quirkiness.

Drama about Loss in Stop-Motion
Suzie Templeton / 6 min / UK / 2007

BAFTA-winning claymation explores the suffocating atmosphere in a young boy’s household, as he and his father must confront their dog’s deteriorating condition.

Comedy about Nature in Animation
Sharon Colman / 7 min / UK / 2007

A tired badger battles with a pair of noisy crows for peaceful rest, but inadvertently falls into a much bigger mess when an underground missile station is placed underneath the badger’s dwelling.

Experimental about Society in Live-Action
Guy Maddin / 6 min / Canada / 2007

Guy Maddin uses the chaotic format of an old Russian propaganda film to tell a symbolic story about science, love, and the heart of the world.

Experimental about Politics in Flash Animation
Max Hattler / 2 min / UK / 2007

A kaleidoscope of national symbols and sounds highlight the tension between America and the Islamic world.

Parody about Inspiration in Live-Action
Joe Nussbaum / 9 min / USA / 2007

The young filmmaker struggles to write his masterpiece in this film that comically combines the story of Shakespeare in Love with endless Star Wars references.

Thriller about Greed in Live-Action
Lucas Crandles / 7 min / USA / 2007

Would you press this button for a million dollars? What happens when you press it? A classic moral dilemma unfolds.

Experimental about Survival in Animation
Emmanuel Ho / 3 min / Canada / 2007

Glimpse into a surreal, poetic construction of Emmanuel Ho set in beautiful black and white—darkness and desperation never looked so good.

Adventure about Transformation in Anime
Cedric Herole / 3 min / Japan / 2007

A dream to fly turns dangerous as our young heroine is dragged into a new world only to be saved by a kindly witch. Sound familiar?

Music Video about Nothing in Special FX
Pleix / 3 min / France / 2007

Magnetic and often amusing retro-futurist film of dogs flying in slow-motion to the music of artist Vitalic.

Comedy about Nothing in Live-Action
College Humor / 3 min / USA / 2007

Just another day at the High Times Editorial Office where real work is always difficult to accomplish and employees are fired for passing their drug tests.

Adventure about Other Worlds in 3D Animation
Gaëlle Denis / 6 min / UK / 2007

A Japanese transplant finds herself in the cold heart of a gloomy and uninviting London. But there’s more that lies beyond the surface…

Documentary about Inspiration in
Kristian Boruff / 6 min / USA / 2007

Kristian Boruff documents how he found himself in the odd position of designing obscure puzzles that combine technology, pop culture, and history for a small but rabid base of fans.